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DREAVG Posts: 3,215
4/20/10 1:44 P


I recommend you go to your doc and speak to him or her about your concerns. Just because the nutrient isn't listed on the label doesn't mean it is not in that item. Most labels only list Vit A and C, Calcium and iron. Anything other than that isn't listed. Also, if you are specifically concerned about iron, consider eating an item with vitamin c with your item with iron. Vit C helps the body absorb more iron. You can also cook in cast iron.

Other than that, I don't suggest adding a multi without speaking with a medical professional. Going above some nutrients can be harmful.


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J21CALI_GIRL Posts: 643
4/20/10 12:44 P

What vitamins specifically do you need more of? All of them?
My doctor suggested only take supplements for the ones I need.

YVEWEBB Posts: 32
4/20/10 12:35 P

My boyfriend has had health problems from having too MUCH iron.
I have been tracking my iron and I seem to get about %60 of the recommended amount each day.
So I want to get a little more without going over. It's not safe to get too much iron because your body stores it.
That's what I'm worried about.

ERINLINDSAY83 Posts: 11,035
4/20/10 11:53 A

Even though pill bottles say that there is 100% of certain vitamins, most of the time, your body doesnt absorb NEARLY that much of the maybe a regular multi-vitamin would be ok. Is there a specific reason youDONT want a regular dose one?

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YVEWEBB Posts: 32
4/20/10 11:50 A

Can anybody recommend a low-dose multi-vitamin?
I am looking to get about %30 of my daily requirements of everything in one pill.
I thought I could do it with children's vitamins but they don't have any iron and that is one of the things I seem to be chronically short on.
Any suggestions?

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