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1/24/12 6:24 P

Have you heard of the "FAT Flush Diet" by AnnLouise Gittleman? It's more of a cleansing diet than some. The writer has boo coo degrees in nutrition. Just type it in to read about it.

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1/23/12 7:53 A

... lost fifty-nine pounds in eleven months on Atkins.

And learned a valuable lesson.

No plan works unless you can stick to it. I couldn't.

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1/22/12 8:15 P

sunny, Try the DUKAN Diet it is pure protein and no weighting of foods or measuring. no hunger fast results if you stay strictly protein. I got ahold of this book at my local library and then purchased an online version. it is very doable! check out the website Dukan Diet. it is all the rage in Europe and South America. it is worth a try esp if you are lazy like me! LOL. There is a Dukan diet team here on Spark too.

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1/22/12 7:29 P

Hi everyone....I am considering going back to low carbing...I did this several years ago; lost weight and always felt satisfied without the hunger going on like I have with WW, forinstance...I need to loose 15 lbs and have tried so many plans...does anyone have a good low carb plan you are following with success in weight loss? Thank you.

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