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1/3/13 3:20 P

That's the name of the team? Living Low Carb Spark Team? Not sure how to find it, but I'll give it a try. I know greens are good for us, but have never been a lover of them. Only ones I like are lettuce, celery, green bell peppers,,,I think thats it. lol

I did find out that I need to drink more water. So I am trying to drink 64oz of water every day now. It would explain why I had a small kidney stone attack me some months ago! I didn't know that if I didn't drink enough, that would happen. I'm glad you posted that bit of info for anyone else who didn't know this.

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1/3/13 3:08 P

JLewis...thank you for the recipe. I don't like mushrooms, but maybe I can substitute them with something else. I know where you are coming from because I also have been on that 'road' for many years. Every time I start to gain some of my weight back, I go back on it. I got a little carried away during the holidays! lol Also, I'm a salt a-holic! So right now, my body is retaining a few lbs of water!! Yesterday was D-Day, when I start focusing on my high protein/low carb diet BIG time again. That, coupled with having joined a gym and pushing myself harder there as well, should help me lose the weight I want. I even decided to have a trainer for about a month and a half to get me on track and push me!! Thanks for the other ideas as well. Most of them I am already doing (i.e. the meat roll ups, pepperoni slices, olives, cheddar crisps, etc.) I don't like boiled fish or veggies much, so trying to find different meals plans that don't include salmon or broccoli, etc. FYI...I have found that if I allow myself at least one(1) cheat day a week to have pretty much anything I have a craving for, it helps me stay on my diet. As long as you get right back on the diet the next day, you should be fine. Only thing that might happen is you won't lose as much that week,by a pound. Tks again, good luck!

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1/3/13 3:06 P

Head over to Living Low Carb (Atkins and other Plans) Sparkteam. Tons of info over there.

Reason why greens are important is because they clean out your system, coupled with tons of water and it'll reduce the likliehood you'll get bladder/kidney stones from the high protein diet.

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1/3/13 2:54 P

Thanks, I understand that, but I'm just trying to kick start my diet again. If you have heard of Dr.Atkins Diet (who hasn't, right! lol) they recommend keeping the carb count down to under 20 grams a day for at least the first week, in order to get your body into ketosis (fat burning). I am just trying to find some different meal ideas,, other than my own. LOL Drinking plenty of water and taking a multivitamin are also essentials!

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1/3/13 2:50 P

No, not looking for a quick fix. I try to maintain a high protein/low carb diet continuously. Been basically following the Dr. Atkins diet since I had a gastric bypass about 10 yrs ago. I know all the INS and OUTS of it. You have to make it your lifestyle diet or, yes, you will gain it back. I. too, do not eat pasta, rice, and only once in awhile will eat the very lowest carb white bread. I am not a big veggie lover, and don't like most of the 'green' ones (i.e.spinach, broccoli, beans,etc.) I do like salad..lettuce, onions, tomatoes, celery, bell peppers, corn,beets, etc. (the last two I can't have because they are way high in carbs). I'm just trying to come up with other meal plans because I keep eating a lot of the same ones I think of. lol BTW, I just heard on tv, that we should all be limiting our SUGAR intake to only 15grams a day. It will help us lose 1 lbs a week of belly fat. Thanks for your input.

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1/3/13 1:55 P

COTTERR - That is sooo true, about the weight regain.

If you just want the quick fix of getting the weight off by going low carb, you'll just gain it back once you go back to your old eating habits.

Personally, I don't plan on eating stuff like pasta, rice, bread, etc, on a regaular basis - they'll never be a staple in my diet ever again. I'm fine with eating that stuff only once in a while (and I do). I really don't even miss it. And with all the reading I'm doing on the negative effects of sugar and your body, it's just not worth it.

I think that in order for any diet to be sustainable, you have to adjust your mindset and accept permanant lifestyle changes.

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1/3/13 1:08 P

A coworker of mind tried the same thing. She lost about 100 lbs in 6 months. I gave the same info about extreme low carb dangers as ARMARTIN527. She gained the weight back in about 2 months. If the 'diet' it's not sustainable, if you can't eat the same way in social situations like at a restaurant or a party, it's not going to be a sustainable weight loss.

I bet if you track your food on here and stay within the carb recxommendations you will find it a decent challange and 20g is nearly impossible without being malnourished.

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1/3/13 1:05 P


I've been on and off the low carb wagon for about 10 years now. I intially lost a total of 30 pounds in about 4-5 months time. I came off very quickly. I have gained about 15-20 back. I was not considered overweight or obese though. I went on the diet for my own reasons. I wanted to get some of that extra "once you hit your thirties" weight off...aka: belly I did well, but then I hit my I've managed to stay in a happy spot weight-wise though.

I do have some advice if you haven't already been down this road or someone hasn't told you already. Make sure that you are taking a good quality multi-vitamin and you drink plenty of water. I went on this diet full fledged "way back when" and my body paid for it. I experienced hair loss, and not just a little. I was depriving my body of certain nutrients it needed and was not absorbing by eating the vegetables and cheeses and such. I also found out almost instantly that WATER was a MUST. It keeps things moving if ya know what I That was awful, until I started drinking the water. I'm talking lots too. I bet I drank a minimum of a gallon a day. I still do. Water is good for ya, so cheers.

I eat alot of meat roll ups. I buy sliced turkey, ham, roast beef, etc. I add a slice of cheese and roll it up. I love ham with a little light cream cheese, a thin slice of pickle and roll it up. Roast beef is great with colby jack/cheddar. I really like the Mission Carb Balance low carb flour tortillas. I make turkey, chicken, beef tacos. I have used them with a steak, onion and cheese filling. They are also great for scrambled egg burritos.
I keep hard boiled eggs on hand. I eat alot of olives, both black and green. Pickles, fresh veggies like cukes, celery, colored peppers. I eat chicken or turkey and/or fish with a green vegie almost every single night. The greener the vegetable the (lower card content) better it is for you. The dark colored vegies are best from what I have been told and found in my own experience.

I found a great recipe today for a Japenese Steakhouse Soup. This sounds so good to me that I will be making it this weekend. It would be something you could have pretty much, as much as you wanted. It's basically broth with mushrooms. (recipe to follow)

Wishing you well wiht your low carb experience. Happy New Year!

Japenese Steakhouse Soup

1/2 stalk celery, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
2 tablespoons fresh ginger, grated
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoons chicken bouillon granules
3 tablespoons beef bouillon granules
1 cup thinly sliced mushrooms
2 quarts water (8 cups)
French fried onions

First off, the ingredients say "chopped" it means just cut it in half or fourths. Make it easy on yourself and leave the vegetables in large chunks! Alright, in a large saucepan or stockpot, combine the celery, onion, carrot, ginger, garlic, and a few of the mushrooms. Add chicken bouillon, beef bouillon, and water. Place the pot over high heat, and bring to a rolling boil. When the mixture reaches boiling, cover, reduce heat to medium, and cook for 45 minutes. It can cook for longer than 45 minutes (sometimes I leave it on for a couple hours), you will just need to add more water if too much water evaporates. Here's what my soup looks like, notice the big chunks of veggies.
After it's cooked for at least 45 minutes strain the cooked soup and discard all of the vegetables, leaving the broth. Serve the broth with sliced mushrooms and sprinkle french friend onions over the top.

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1/3/13 12:51 P

A lot of people have had success eating a super low carb/high protein diet, but I've also heard of many people who gain the weight back once they introduce carbs back into their diet. Keep that in mind. I've eaten carbs my entire weight loss journey and never gained back anymore than the usual fluctuations. In my opinion, it's best to have a sustainable diet that you plan on sticking with for the rest of your life. But with that said, my favorite high protein/low carb snacks/meals are mini quiches (super portable), salmon in a teriyaki sauce and omelets with veggies and cheese. I don't have very many suggestions because I don't eat poultry, beef or pork.

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1/3/13 12:40 P

20g carbs is almost impossibly low. You can get your body into ketosis under 50g. I might have been slightly insulin resistant when I started working out with my trainer, but I certainly was/am not diabetic. He also does my nutrition for me. Going low carb has been the best thing for me and my fat loss. This is exactly what I ate for the first 2 weeks, after that I switched up the plan only slightly because I got sick of salmon.

0630 (breakfast)
3 whole eggs
3 slices of turkey bacon
1cup spinach

0930 (am snack)
1oz almonds

1200 (lunch)
1 small can of tuna (or chicken)
2T full fat mayo
1 whole red bell pepper (to scoop up with tuna)

1500 (PM snack)
2 peices of full-fat or reduced fat string cheese
2 servings of whey protein on gym days

1800 (dinner)
6oz salmon (or chicken)
as much greens as I wanted (my favorites rae asparagus, broccoli, bok choy, zucchini)

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1/3/13 11:50 A

I joined a gym a month ago and loving it! But, I need to concentrate big time now on my Low Carb/High Protein diet. I am not diabetic, but want to keep my carbs to under 20 per day for the next 3 weeks or so. Can anyone direct me to a link where there are some Low Carb/high Protein meal plans already set up? Thanks.

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