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11/18/10 4:40 P

Everyone has different I idea about what is what. Sometimes folks put in the wrong category. Since you know what you can eat pick those, enjoy!

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11/16/10 3:09 P

I was googling recipes and came upon the Spark Recipes site, got a good recipe and then pressed on the tag that was Low Carb Vegetarian only to see all these CHICKEN AND FISH recipes first thing! Let me clarify something to all the healthy people out there who wanna say they are vegetarians, you are not a vegetarian if you eat chicken and fish, or even if you eat just fish! You are a vegan if you eat NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS WHATSOEVER, you are a vegetarian if you do not eat any animal flesh, not just not eat red meat, that's just a person who doesn't eat red meat, if you eat any animal at all that was alive and functioning, you are NOT a vegetarian. There are vegetarians that consume dairy products and those that also consume eggs, which are animal related but are NOT the animal itself. I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian, so I consume dairy and eggs.

I hope this clarifies things and I would really hope that in keeping with the true definitions of vegetarianism that Spark Recipes adjusts it's listings, and any of you out there thinking it's chic to say you are a vegetarian and you eat chicken and fish and or just fish...CUT IT OUT!

Be honest.

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