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SUZIAND Posts: 3,402
8/21/12 11:11 A

What are you eating to get those 1000 calories? I've done about every diet under the sun...and am currently on the keto diet...which is alot of work, but seems to work for me. But everyone is different.
Don't try to do low carb and low fat. It doesn't really work. make sure you get enough fat and protein. Cut out the refined "white" foods and sugar. Drink a ton of water. Get fiber. And don't weigh yourself every day...that is the quickest way to get discouraged and give up. It takes your body time to gain will take time to lose it.

Best of luck!

NICK3RD Posts: 6,117
8/21/12 9:35 A

Low carb works but it takes effort to keep it up when the rest of the world is against it.

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8/21/12 9:22 A

I agree with everyone who said you need to eat that minimum of 1200 calories a day. Less than that is not enough to sustain you.

I also want to add that choosing food as a reward for meeting a weight loss goal is counterproductive. Personally I choose non-food rewards when I meet goals because I'm trying to change my relationship with food. Maybe you could pick something else for your next reward. A night at the movies, a few games of bowling, a new pair of shoes, a manicure, etc.

You don't have to eat the whole thing.
CRYZKIDZ Posts: 10
8/21/12 9:18 A

Thanks everyone. I am not limiting my calories at all. I eat when hungry and until full. It just happens when I track my food sometimes it's under 1000 and sometimes it's over. I am just not having bread, rice or potatoes, but am trying to stay under 100 carbs a day. (I know for some low carb people that isn't limiting carbs at all, but it's enough for me and I seem to be having success)

After missing a period last month which I believe (and have read) is likely due to the change in carbs, my Aunt Flow just came a bit early (which is, I suspect, the reason for the gain).

Thanks again

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
8/21/12 6:50 A

It is difficult to pick and choose from many "diet" plans and come up with a good solution, as you have been reminded by the other people who responded.

Please find some GOOD articles about health and wellness, and make sure you have a MINIMUM of 1200 calories - consisting of a good proportion of nutrients - not just something to equal that amount of calories.

If you're following a low carb menu; DO please join one of the Spark Teams focusing on that lifestyle, and get some good, experienced advice.

JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
8/21/12 5:48 A

even on low carb you should get at least 1200 calories in.

anyways after not having high carb items for a while most people will have a 4-5 pound gain. it only last a couple days.

have you read any low carb books? following a certant plan?


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BRITOMART Posts: 7,698
8/18/12 7:09 P

If you insist on going low/no carbs, you really want to study up on the way carbs work in the body. Since SP doesn't exactly advocate low/no carb dietsyou may have a slight difficulty, but there are several teams dedicated to low/no carb eating. I'd try to hook up with one of those.

As far as 1000 calories a day--PLEASE go to the healthy lifestyle tab and read articles on why you need more nutrition. It's not just about calories; there are macro- and micro-nutrients you need for health ('s not just about weight loss, either).

And you'll have a much easier time if you also read up on what sodium, msg, and the like do temporarily to your weight! You did NOT gain weight from the carbs (not to say you won't, but that won't show up for days to a week). Water, salt, alcohol--more likely culprits.

I wish you healthy success.


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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,578
8/18/12 1:08 P

You weight gain has NOTHING to do with the carbs you ate.

The temporary water weight will be gone in a few days.

BTW - at 1000 calories, you are screwing up your metabolism. You really need to up that....

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CRYZKIDZ Posts: 10
8/18/12 12:48 P

I was having fantastic results with lowering my carbs. I have PCOS and thought this might be a change to work for me. I had terrific results and to celebrate, had Thai food last night upon reaching my first goal of -15lbs. I figured this would set me back a couple lbs, but in 24 hours I gained 5lbs. WHAT THE HECK?? 2-3 maybe, but 5? I am sitting here devastated wishing I could take it back. I ate nothing but a salad all day, then had two fresh rolls and about 1/2 a plate of Chicken Pad Thai. My total calorie intake was under 1000 and my total carb for the day under 100. Anyone have anything to make not want to feel like throwing up my hands and screaming this stinks? I have eliminated all rice, bread and potatoes for a month.

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