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NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,594
5/9/11 3:58 P

Low carb is easy once you get a grasp of what veggies are low carb (some fruits also). I'd suggest you visit the Atkins website for lists.

I also suggest that you not limit your calories while doing low carb. If you're hungry, eat something low carb until you're no longer hungry. And remember, fat is not a problem if you aren't getting a lot of carbs.

Do, however, track your calories. Low carb will kill your appetite, and you don't want to let your calories drop too low. It really will stop weight loss.

JANET0116 Posts: 672
5/9/11 3:26 P

I eat lower carb, but not that low carb. I try to keep mine carbs under 150 g/day.

Low carb snacks: hard boiled eggs, almonds, nut butter, cottage cheese/cheese sticks, beef jerky, berries are your best lower-carb fruit choice

Dinners: when I'm really watching carbs, I find simpler is better. Lean protein prepared pretty much any way I want besides breaded/fried paired with sauteed or roasted asparagus/mushrooms/tomatoes/zuchinni/eggp
lant. Served with tossed salad

JROJRO1 Posts: 66
5/9/11 2:21 P

Check the Atkins website for ideas. I pulled meal ideas and recipes from there, plugged them into SP to see the information and made adjustments accordingly.

CHOCOCOYOTE: can you share how you make your granola, please

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5/9/11 2:15 P

I'm on a lower carb/healthy carb type kick, so take mine with a grain of salt, not knowing exactly what is expected on a true low carb diet.

I bake 2 chicken breasts (with lots of flavor), just slightly "drier" than normal, slice them, and pack them into individual zip lock baggies for finger snacks at work. 1/2 a breast a day really can tide me over.

I do a granola with whole oats, nuts, and dried fruits. i've slowly tried to up the nuts and lower the oats so i get "a bit" of oat, but mostly nuts and fruit.

boiled eggs are super easy. boil 3 or 4 on sunday, and you can have them as you need them.

I like to pack on monday 3 eggs, 3 half-breast packs, a bit of the granola, fresh fruit (maybe 2 or 3 strawberries, and an apple), and lots of pre sliced veg and take all that to work with my "lunch" and i can snack all week.

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5/9/11 2:07 P

Working on creating a low carb diet with meal ideas that meet my calories (around 1200) and carbs within 75-100g. Please give me some snack ideas and meal ideas, I'd really appreciate it!!

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