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Low Carb - better for men than women?

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10/18/12 7:36 P

I think it's a totally individual thing. It depends largely on your likes and dislikes. I can lose weight on a high-carb diet because I can stay on it. If I have my bread and pasta, I'm happy, and if I can eat fruit, I don't get sugar cravings. If I had to give up bread and fruit, I would end up eating many more calories in high-protein/high-fat foods because I would never feel satisfied. Some people are the opposite-- as long as they can have butter and steak, they'll be happy with reasonable servings and can cheerfully skip the cereal and bananas.

My mother's doctor put her on a low-carb diet about a year ago. She does lose weight when she's on it, but she can only stick to it for about two weeks at a time. My dad went on it with her... and lasted three days. His quote was, "I thought I was going to die." Now, this is from a man who once got a finger and part of the hand cut off in a factory machine and stood there telling the machine operator "Don't worry, it's not your fault" while they waited for the ambulance. He's about as far from a complainer as you'll ever meet, while my mom rather enjoys whining about any physical discomfort, but he couldn't take the dizziness and "fog" you get at the beginning of low-carb and she could. Go figure.

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10/18/12 6:58 P

Thanks all, I guess it's just coincidence that out of folks I know, the guys seem to have success w/ low carb when the women don't.

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10/18/12 6:53 P

I'm a female who is thriving, losing weight, and eating low carb. There are a number of us here at SP, and I think I've personally run into more women than men here on this site who eat this way. I don't crave sweets or starchy foods ever, and I also never have to battle hunger pangs, thanks to the foods I eat/don't eat. Eliminating sugar, starches, and grains right off the bat is what made these cravings nonexistent and balanced out my blood sugar. It's been great for me!

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10/18/12 4:57 P

I am fine around the lower end of my carb range (about 200g), but near the high end (about 350g), things can easily go out of control.

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10/18/12 3:02 P

As a guy, I can tell you that not all men can handle the low-carb diet. I just can't do it. I have found that the old Weight Watchers program works well for me.

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10/18/12 3:00 P

I am doing awesome on under 100g net carbs a day. I rarely crave sweets and have tons of energy.

On a higher carb diet I had reoccurring candida and sugar cravings. It really was a terrible cycle. Now it's all good.

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10/18/12 2:09 P

So I was thinking about something today. Everyone I know who has had good results from a low-carb diet has been a man. But every woman I know who has tried it (myself included) has not had good results. Do you think this is just coincidence or could it have to do with the actual body chemistry of men vs women? Or maybe men have different kinds of cravings vs women which makes going low-carb easier for them? I know many men who never crave sweets or anything like that... my brother, boyfriend, and one of my best guy friends included.

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