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Low Calorie Drinks for Holiday Parties

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Posts: 44
12/10/12 4:03 P

Chi Mineral Water is really really yummy and has very little cals.
Zero Sugar Chi
Nutritional info per 100ml serving:
Energy (kJ) 5kJ
Energy (cal) 1cal
Protein 0
Fat (total) 0
Carbohydrate 0
Sugars 0
Sodium 7.5mg
Mineral Water Analysis
Silica 21.0
Fluoride 0.11
Calcium 2.10
Potassium 0.21
Magnesium 0.10

Edit - forgot to say that if you have never tasted it, it reminds me (sort of) of Grapetiser. Hard to really explain the taste, but it isnt just sparkly water, has lots of flavour.

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Posts: 1,434
12/10/12 1:01 P

I prefer water over low calorie drinks. do not like the aftertaste.

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12/10/12 12:28 P


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Posts: 104
12/10/12 12:00 P

I'm a sucker for a skinny Cosmo or glass of white wine ... but I can't rationalize drinking calories. If I'm going to have to burn them off... might as well have the chocolate.

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Posts: 14,112
12/10/12 7:05 A

a 330ml diet coke is only 1 calorie
Black coffee is nothing

Posts: 2,507
12/9/12 10:54 P

Fill a 16 oz glass with ice, pour near the top with S Pellegrino sparkling water or Perrier is fine (trace calcium is found in both of these without sodium)...add 1 shot vodka and spash of apple cider or smashed fresh cranberries. Because this drink is mostly water, you can have a few of these without too much damage...If you'd prefer non-alcoholic...leave out the vodka...all the sparkley and bubbly make a great holiday drink.

Posts: 120
12/9/12 9:33 P

i like whiskey with either coffee or diet coke...or a hot toddy, light on the honey. blueberry or another fruit flavored stoli and seltzer with a slice of citrus is pretty delicious. i also like to drink too much so i have found that drinks that don't taste too sugary delicious (i.e. no cosmos, margaritas, mojitos!) are best. so if i am actually drinking to get a buzz, i shoot for a liquor i like like whiskey or vodka, and drink it neat or on the rocks. for a delicious drink, a real indulgence might be something like whipped cream vodka with coke zero or even diet rootbeer so it tastes like a rootbeer float!

Posts: 70
12/9/12 2:11 P

Thanks for asking this. I do not drink but on the rarest occasion and I have a wedding to attend in two weeks so it is nice to have the great advice and options. emoticon I would say see where you are calorie wise and figure out which drink will not hurt your goals. emoticon

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Fitness Minutes: (36,232)
Posts: 723
12/9/12 11:30 A

Most holiday party drinks are calorie heavy so I usually stick with water, and if it is available, tea.

SparkPoints: (5,027)
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Posts: 1,006
12/8/12 4:37 P

RAYNELOGAN: Thank you for that list! That's awesome! emoticon

SparkPoints: (6,452)
Fitness Minutes: (2,938)
Posts: 419
12/8/12 12:45 P

I tried the watermelon mojito last night - LOVE IT. Dangerous to find a new alcoholic beverage on a healthy website. :)

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Posts: 5,310
12/8/12 10:27 A

Club Soda with a twist of lemon.... or white wine spritzer (wine/clubs soda / lemon)

SparkPoints: (136,491)
Fitness Minutes: (117,755)
Posts: 3,879
12/8/12 12:35 A

coffee with just a teeny bit of kalua

SparkPoints: (153)
Fitness Minutes: (76)
Posts: 5
12/7/12 11:36 A

great idea - I need to plan now for what is going to be served. There is one drink I like and it's in a can and called something like cransparkle. It's a cranberry and 7 up tasting mixture to drink out of the can (around a lotof beer drinkers) or in a stemed glass

Posts: 3,895
12/6/12 10:00 P

white wine, and if you're not a purist, add some club soda!

SparkPoints: (37,853)
Fitness Minutes: (63,492)
Posts: 997
12/6/12 6:27 P

My fave is a small pour of vodka or rum, coconut la croix, lime, and a few drops of stevia extract. I try to make a big glass of it so it takes a while to drink.

Also, just make sure to decide your plan ahead of time - if you want to enjoy getting your drink on, resolve to make healthy food choices and keep your portions small. If you are looking forward to the food more, cut back on the alcohol (or don't have any). Make smart choices around the day of, so if you do splurge a little, it's not a tragedy and just get back on it the next day.

If you do happen to overdo it, what your body is craving the next day is salt, not greasy french fries, gigantic breakfast plates, etc etc. A dill pickle will usually cut the cravings for nasty hangover food without all the calories so I can get back to eating healthy.

Posts: 101
12/6/12 1:20 P

Rum and diet coke.

SparkPoints: (10,917)
Fitness Minutes: (3,038)
Posts: 1,219
12/6/12 11:47 A

Hello Sparkers : Here is a list of Holiday or even year round drinks that are calorie reduced and taste great !

For you non drinkers - Sorry - All of these have alcohol, but you could omit it.

Watermelon Mojito: 100 Calories
A whole day of eating right can go down in the swirl of cocktail -- with crazy-high calories and weakened willpower. So we've put a few drinks on a diet, starting with the Cuban mojito. Instead of using sugar, use a wooden pestle or a big spoon to gently crush cubes of watermelon with fresh mint leaves. Add rum and sparkling water for a sweet mojito with half the usual calories.

Simple Margarita: 170 Calories
Skip the syrupy mixes in crazy colors and you'll trim hundreds of calories from this Mexican cocktail. Measure out the basics: one shot of tequila, lime juice to taste, and a splash of triple sec. Shake with ice and serve. Staying within the limits of moderate drinking -- one for women and up to two drinks per day for men -- is another way to watch your calories and your waistline.

Shochu Cosmo: 70 Calories
Make a super-slim cosmopolitan by replacing the vodka with shochu, a Japanese spirit with a smooth flavor. A 2-ounce serving has only about 35 calories. Add splashes of diet cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, and orange juice, and then toss in a martini shaker. This cosmo shakes out at half the calories of a traditional cosmopolitan.

Asian Flavor Fusion: 90 Calories
Flavor-infused alcohols are a tasty way to limit juice mixes, which can be high calorie. Try ginger vodka and lime sparkling water for a fusion of Asian flavors at just 90 calories. Look for flavored seltzer or mineral waters that have no added calories.

Skinny Vodka Iced Tea: 80 Calories
The mix of lemonade and sweet iced tea, favored by golfer Arnold Palmer, becomes a popular cocktail when you add a shot of vodka. You can slice off half the calories in this tall, cool drink by using low-calorie lemonade and sweet-tea-flavored vodka. This specialty vodka is lower in calories than traditional types.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all !!

SparkPoints: (8,659)
Fitness Minutes: (4,195)
Posts: 464
12/6/12 9:07 A

Sugar free hot apple cider

SparkPoints: (23,309)
Fitness Minutes: (14,955)
Posts: 737
12/6/12 2:43 A

Sparkling water is my fave. For alcohol, wine is good (you have to sip, so it lasts a while) or Coke Zero with Malibu rum or flavored vodka.

Posts: 3,895
12/5/12 7:43 P

club soda and (flavored) vodka is low-cal, if you want a little alcohol. It would also be good with lime or lemon, depending on whether you use flavored vodka.

SparkPoints: (19,769)
Fitness Minutes: (47,074)
Posts: 444
12/5/12 7:29 P

mineral water with lime

SparkPoints: (92,989)
Fitness Minutes: (53,907)
Posts: 4,912
12/5/12 12:53 P

One easy way to cut calories is to mix wine half and half with soda water. Then have only soda water for every second glass.

Posts: 213
12/5/12 12:16 P

Ice water for me.

SparkPoints: (7,035)
Fitness Minutes: (2,684)
Posts: 140
12/5/12 10:24 A

Being in university there's always drinking going on, so I would mix vodka or rum with water and crystal light, it's great.

SparkPoints: (2,645)
Fitness Minutes: (510)
Posts: 33
12/5/12 10:00 A

Diet Cranberry Sierra husband who is not even that much of a soda drinker fell in love with this last Christmas. I was sooo excited to find it in the store for him right after thanksgiving. It is light and feels like a seasonal drink without all the calories.

SparkPoints: (119,817)
Fitness Minutes: (143,933)
Posts: 2,194
12/5/12 9:48 A

Water! LOL!

SparkPoints: (10,720)
Fitness Minutes: (9,521)
Posts: 294
12/5/12 9:08 A

I like to make mulled redcurrant/apple/pear juice (in love with a combo of those three atm), let it cool down, flavor some sparkling water with it and add lemon. Festive AND low-cal imo.

Posts: 66
12/4/12 10:34 P

I like vodka with orange Zero vitamin water.

Posts: 12,652
12/4/12 5:48 P

A pitcher of green iced tea is appreciated.

SparkPoints: (32,437)
Fitness Minutes: (6,821)
Posts: 1,048
12/4/12 3:54 P

For special occassions, I like the Skinny Girl brand of wine and ready-made cocktails. I especially like the Skinny Girl Margarita. The wines are 100 calories per 5 ounces and the cocktails are 35.5 calories per 1.5 ounces. One can have a drink and still fit it into the program. I brought Skinny Girl Margarita along to a party a couple of weeks ago and it succussfully kept me from eating or drinking any of the heavy calorie stuff that was around.

Anyone else try it?

SparkPoints: (3,295)
Fitness Minutes: (3,981)
Posts: 11
12/4/12 3:29 P

Your body will continue to burn fat and metabolize the alcohol at an accelerated rate if you keep fat and carbs at a bare minimum the days that you think that you may over indulge and still lose weight. Aim for fresh veggies and lean protein!! I researched untill I turned blue because I LOVE LOVE WINE!!!

SparkPoints: (48,130)
Fitness Minutes: (19,529)
Posts: 1,469
12/4/12 3:16 P

Watch your calorie count/food counts and allow a glass of wine occasionally. If it is part of the allowance for the day you are all good!

SparkPoints: (17,171)
Fitness Minutes: (921)
Posts: 475
12/3/12 9:31 P

Make your choices! You already know what range of calories you are aiming for...what would you really like to drink? Remember moderation and what you want your results to be! That being said... It's fun to make low cal juices fizzy with diet sodas ... Spritzers are so festive!

Edited by: JUNQUEMALED at: 12/3/2012 (21:35)

Posts: 1,780
12/3/12 2:33 P

stay away from alcohol - it is never beneficial.
plenty of water - even fizzy water - try a bit of crystal lite in it -
stay away from diet pops etc too - also bad news
ice water is great to sip on - put a slice of lemon or lime in it - and some ice cubes.

SparkPoints: (72,986)
Fitness Minutes: (33,677)
Posts: 5,088
12/3/12 2:03 P

water lol

But I drink white wine, and I try to limit myself to 2 small glasses. If I'm not drinking wine, it's usually vodka, seltzer and a splash of cranberry

Posts: 2,176
12/3/12 1:43 P

and if you can do without the bubbles, there are severtal flavored teas you can brew this time of year.

SparkPoints: (24,512)
Fitness Minutes: (18,906)
Posts: 726
12/3/12 5:48 A

I like sparkling water with a squirt of lime or lemon juice, or cutting cranberry juice with sparkling water about 50-50. I try to avoid fake foods, so I try really hard to not drink diet soda.

If you want an alcoholic drink, Ruby Red vodka, a splash of grapefruit juice, and sparkling water with some mint leaves tastes a lot like a better version of Fresca.

SparkPoints: (17,937)
Fitness Minutes: (13,288)
Posts: 427
12/2/12 10:13 P

Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale. Seems like a festive drink to have during the holidays for me without any of the guilt.

SparkPoints: (16,424)
Fitness Minutes: (13,180)
Posts: 108
12/2/12 4:30 P

I found a zero calorie blood orange sparkling water that was lovely and refreshing and really tasted like a holiday splurge.

SparkPoints: (20,971)
Fitness Minutes: (2,522)
Posts: 821
12/2/12 1:33 P

I love flavored zero calorie sparkling water. Tangerine-lime is my current favorite. :)

SparkPoints: (54,356)
Fitness Minutes: (6,328)
Posts: 1,688
12/2/12 1:18 P

Adding to ZENMIND7's answer: Add sliced fruit or mint leaves to an ice cube tray and fill with filtered water. Makes the most awesome flavored ice cubes. Something else I like to do is freeze fruit juice as ice cubes, Then I add one to my still or sparkling water. Yum!


SparkPoints: (5,409)
Fitness Minutes: (5,730)
Posts: 1,510
12/2/12 9:23 A

I love decaf coffee mixed with seltzer water if I want carbonation. I add in herbs/spices from time to time.

SparkPoints: (2,470)
Fitness Minutes: (50)
Posts: 991
12/1/12 8:11 P

I am all for ZENMIND7's choice of beverage. In fact, I want one now!

Posts: 3,090
12/1/12 4:16 P

For non-alcoholic, what about sparkling water with a twist of lime -- and you can also float a few raspberries in the drink for a festive touch.

SparkPoints: (15,605)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
12/1/12 2:36 P

I like Diet Cherry 7-up a lot. It's a nice festive color too :) You could add some lime slices with it also. Or, if you did want to make it alcohol, add 1oz of vodka and it ends up only being 65 calories.

Posts: 12,709
12/1/12 12:17 P

I agree on the wine. I prefer mine mixed with a little diet 7-up or Sierra Mist.

Posts: 3,669
12/1/12 12:10 P

Lucy, That's a good idea, especially at home when it is so easy, or in a restaurant where the wine isn't very good! I'll put it on my list.

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Posts: 6
12/1/12 12:04 P

White wine mixed with seltzer water is light and refreshing. Easy on the wine, of course.

Posts: 3,669
12/1/12 10:05 A

I am up thinking of December goals. One of the big calorie add ons for me in December is alcohol. So I am going to stock up on some bubbly things that are not caloric or alcoholic and aim to limit myself to a single glass of champagne or whatever at holiday parties. Any idea about good bubbly low cal drinks anyone? At least bubbles aren't fattening (-:

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