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Low Cal, Whole Wheat Bread?

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2/16/13 2:41 A

I agree with the poster who referred Ezekiel bread, whole wheat bread is still loaded with carbs and doesn't have as much protein also I eat this bread on a regular basis and still drop weight!

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2/15/13 4:33 P

Martin's 100% Whole Wheat
70 calories per slice
4g fiber
6g protein

It's sweet and delicious!

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2/15/13 4:20 P

It's multi-grain, rather than whole wheat, but I really like Ezekiel bread. It's 80 calories a slice, loaded with fiber, and very satisfying.

It's generally stocked in the organic or natural foods section of the grocery store, and is sometimes kept in the freezer aisle (I have no idea why).

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2/15/13 4:12 P

Do any of you have a low calorie, whole wheat bread that you recommend? I would like one about 60-90 calories per slice with a decent amount of fiber and protein too. Does this exist?

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