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8/19/11 6:04 A

Good idea!

MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (192,663)
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8/18/11 8:44 P

Rather than a cookbook, for the same price, why not try a magazine subscription like Cooking Light, or Healthy Cooking (put out by Taste of Home). Every month you'll get brand new recipes, and they're all healthy and low in fat.

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8/11/11 9:28 P

I hadn't heard of this - thanks!

KAR807131 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/11/11 4:08 P

How about the Hungry Girl Cookbooks. I love her ideas and receipes.

NCSUE0514 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/10/11 6:28 P

GREAT - thanks for the heads up! I'll be on the lookout!

ELBALL Posts: 156
8/10/11 5:21 P

Apparently, an SP cookbook is going out in October. Not too much longer to wait for those of you looking for one!

I have the SparkRecipes app on my phone and often use it to find a quick recipe. But I do wish it had better ways to search for recipes.

DAWN0237 SparkPoints: (17,240)
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8/10/11 2:54 P

me too !! lots of good recipes!
just did a coleslaw, carrot soup and the s.w. porkchops today.
i try to cook more on my days off. omg everything is good and the family will love!

NCSUE0514 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/10/11 2:49 P

I'm sort of surprised SparkPeople doesn't market one!

AWILLI24 SparkPoints: (1,506)
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8/4/11 12:32 P

I really like using the Cook this not that cookbook, we have found some awesome salmon recipes there and a great turkey chili one! I also love using the hungry girl cookbooks, the original is my favorite! emoticon

DAWN0237 SparkPoints: (17,240)
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8/2/11 11:48 P

has anyone tried the magazine cuisine at home? i found one that was cuisine lite/fresh and fabulous. i was flipping through and decided to try one of the recipes. it was mixed grill salad with pineapple and peaches.omg emoticon sooo good! it had grilled chicken, scallops and grilled fruit on a bed of green w/strawberries and a lemon curry marinade and vinaigrette.
only 262 calories and 50 for the vinaigrette. low in fat too!
so tasty!! had never grilled scallops or fruit for that matter. what a great find!

ELBALL Posts: 156
7/30/11 4:53 P

Cool! Thank you!

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7/30/11 3:38 P

One recipe that has been really popular is the Catalan Couscous Salad with Romesco Sauce Dressing. (I think) it's spinach, whole-wheat couscous, toasted almonds and sliced pears, with a dressing made from roasted red peppers, toasted almonds, vinegar, etc. I've served it to a number of different people and everyone raved (in fact, someone emailed me on Thursday asking for the recipe because they wanted to serve it to guests this weekend). I also really like the recipe for carrot-ginger sauce (it goes with everything!). I still have lots of recipes to try, though.

ELBALL Posts: 156
7/28/11 11:42 P

Funny ... I looked at that book on Amazon earlier today. I have some of Isa's cookbooks -- Vegan with a Vengeance and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. I'm not vegan either, but I regularly eat meat-free meals.

I was looking at that one and The Happy Herbivore (by another author).

Do you have a favorite recipe from AFR?

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7/28/11 11:01 P

I REALLY like Appetite for Reduction. It is vegan, but coincidentally so. There are no weird fake ingredients (I don't do fake meat!) nor are there weird low-fat substitutions. It's just good food that happens to be low-fat and free from animal products.

(I'm nowhere near vegan!)

ELBALL Posts: 156
7/10/11 1:01 P

I recently heard of the Cook Yourself Thin cookbook and show, but I haven't tried them yet. Most of the Cook Yourself Thin recipes are on the Lifetime website. I'm definitely going to try a few this week (after a trip to the grocery store).

Have you tried them? Do you like them?

7/8/11 3:23 P

Have you checked out the "Cook Yourself Thin" cookbooks?

ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
7/8/11 7:20 A

i saw on rocco dispirito's show he has a cookbook where everything is 350 cal. i have not read the book but my library has a huge cookbook section. see if yours does to and check it out. also cooking light magazine has a good website.

ELBALL Posts: 156
7/7/11 4:38 P

Does anyone have any recommendations for a low-calorie, high-flavor cookbook that doesn't just substitute out regular products for their low-fat or non-fat versions? I don't mind using low-fat or non-fat products, but I'd like a cookbook that doesn't rely on this substitution as it's general strategy. That is, I expect the cookbook author to be more creative than that.

Also, a cookbook that uses real sugar instead of artificial sweeteners would be even better. I have an intolerance to artificial sweeteners and tend to avoid them as much as possible.

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