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8/19/14 11:42 A


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8/18/14 3:53 P


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8/18/14 3:41 P

That was a great episode, and then he flipped an ad for Diet Coke that had the model doing journalism in the commercial. He is just blunt. I love it

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8/18/14 3:04 P

I like John Oliver he is great.

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8/18/14 2:59 P

I love everything John Oliver does.

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8/18/14 2:50 P

If you read a lot of the posts on here and other health, weight loss, etc. web sites, there are a danged lot of people who believe all that junk on the food packages, no matter if you can prove to them that they are not true, point of fact!! And those are whom the ads and books and jars of supplements are made's an old saying, but it's still true, "There's a sucker born every minute"................

I love how vegetarian is tossed around these days, mainly because there are a lot of "Sunday vegetarians" out there, people who are that way "sometimes", or people who diet "sometimes". I hate when they come over, you just know, the time you found foods just for them, they whine because you didn't have more burgers and hot dogs around, lol. Or didn't make your famous chocolate cake, they had expected it...............I'm 68, this has happened to me many times.

I like the John Oliver show, just because, it's amusing. He reminds me of the old "That Was The Week That Was" tv show with David Frost, anyone remember that one?

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,766
8/18/14 2:50 P

Sheryl hilarious, thanks! I plan to share this with my daughters. I preach "read the Ingredients" and even that can contain some misleading info.

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8/18/14 2:42 P

Knowledge is power!

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8/18/14 2:06 P

All the more reason to stay away from all processed food even the so-called healthy ones!

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8/18/14 1:20 P

It is a shame that the food manufactures are allowed to deceive/mislead us but it is not just them but in almost all kinds of products. From jeans being mis-sized so you will buy the brand you wear the smaller size in to the "natural" label Sad but true it is the way things are done. We have to watch out for our own welfare.

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8/18/14 1:08 P

SHERYL, now that was funny!!

My favorite was, I think a report by Jeff Rossen to expose things like that. He uncovered one cereal that claimed real blueberries were inside. The contents were poured out of the box and indeed there they were...or so you think. They were blue-colored sugar balls made to look and taste like blueberries. There was no fruit inside.

Yes, I am taken in by some ads and claims, especially when it says reduced sugar or salt. I drink almond milk. I tried Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Reduced Sugar. I compared the containers nutritional panels. Didn't look any different. Then I read the small print. It is reduced compared to their regular 90 calorie almond milk. I drink the 30 calorie stuff. N wonder the labels looked the same.

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8/18/14 1:01 P

Online Now  • ))
Here is something I learned when it comes to reading the package. Not too long ago, if a package of beef said vegetarian diet, I would have assumed that meant the cow ate grass. Not so. a vegetarian diet could mean corn feed. If I want grass fed beef, I have to look for the label that specifically says grass fed. Labeling a package of beef with the words vegetarian diet is misleading.

Is the food manufacturer doing this on purpose ? maybe. like every other company, they're trying to sell their products. How do they do it ? By making a label as enticing as possible. Which is why we (as consumers) need to be savvy.

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8/18/14 12:10 P

As smart as I am about healthy choices in the supermarket, I still get drawn into looking at products that advertise the words: Natural...Heart choice...antioxidant...and...of course...low-fat.
That's why watching John Oliver's LAST WEEK TONIGHT is so refreshing.
Educating people to open their minds and think about the facts is a lesson we should re-learn over and over.

In April a show about Misleading Food Ads was the topic on the show...I just watched it on YouTube. Funny Stuff....Sadly True (6 minutes)
***WARNING***: some adult humor profanity


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