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1/15/13 9:50 A

"Motivation can wax and wane. Commitment just is. Commitment does it anyway."

I LOVE that! I am so using that for my own nefarious purposes.

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1/9/13 10:40 A

Hi Becky.

While I can be a bit of a "rah-rah," I'll refrain from that here (although secretly, I know you can do it). : )

Spark Coach Dean has some of THE BEST articles, blog posts, etc on motivation. The following is one that I copied into a word.doc and have at the ready by my desk. I hope I am copying the link here correctly for you. It was originally under a post on the Motivation Msg Boards in 2006:

If I failed, you can do a search under Sp_Coach_Dean_Motivation and you will see many great things pop up.

Motivation can wax and wane. Commitment just is. Commitment does it anyway. Even if.
I know my motivation was tested during the two weeks of Christmas and New Years. I had a tough time following through w/ portioning although I did my regular exercise and, as always, got in my 9 servings of veggies. That's probably what saved my hide. Now I seem to have my groove back (phew!). I just had to push a bit more to get over the hump. It's all in our heads, isn't it? For me it sure is! Once I get my head securely wrapped around that, I'm better able to get out of my own way and thus back in the groove.

Good luck - looks like you're already getting back on track.

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1/9/13 7:16 A

Thank you for all of your encouragement!

Taking it a day at a time and switching things up is going to be my approach. I also think that just saying it out loud.

Now for the good news! Yesterday I was at work for 13 hours and still managed to get in a 25min workout at my lunch break!

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1/8/13 11:25 A

Hey, becky !

If you find you're losing your motivation, perhaps it's time for a new challenge. While we do want to engage in a healthy lifestyle, some times, even the best of people can get stuck in ruts. It sounds like you may be stuck in a rut if you find you find that you don't want to exercise anymore.

that's why I'm a big believer that exercise should be fun. Because when we enjoy doing something, we look forward to doing that something each and every day. If you've been doing the same routine day after day, it's not a wonder you don't want to exercise. Mix things up. try a different class at the gym. Ever try rock climbing ? If not, how about looking for gyms that offer rock climbing in your area.

Find an activity to become passionate about again. How about dancing lessons ? or martial arts ? When I get bored with my routine, I know it's time for change before I get burned out. So, if you aren't in a rut, you may be burned out. And if you are burned out, ditto, time for change.

Give yourself credit for having lost 30 pounds and don't beat yourself up because you're not as motivated. This really is something that happens to us all.

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1/8/13 9:33 A

Sorry, you asked what works for others and I'm just answering your question.

Not sure why you found it "offensive".

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1/8/13 9:15 A


CONGRATS on losing 30 pounds--that is great. One thing I have learned is the motivation is internally driven. No one can motivate someone else. Others can inspire us and encourage us, but when it comes to making us do what we need to do, that must come from within each of us.

When I hit a very looong 9 month plateau I was so tempted to give up. I still had another 30 or so pounds to lose, but what this time period allowed me to see is that I was putting too much emphasis on the number on scale and not at the physical accomplishments I had achieved.

If you have a pair of your old pants that no longer fit, putting them out for you to see may be a gentle reminder as to how far you have come. I still have what I call my uniform pants (I have a photo of me holding them up on my SparkPage) and when I begin to feel my motivation waning I pull them out, even after 4 years of reaching my goal weight.

Just know that you do not have to have a perfect life to embrace healthy living. Even if that means you dedicate yourself to 10 minutes of exercise a day--anything trumps nothing.

Coach Nancy

1/8/13 9:07 A

I think that, sometimes, just acknowledging (even out loud) how you feel can really help. Sometimes when you feel negative, you just feel negative—and trying to say things like "You can do it!" to yourself just don't work. But I'm sure that you often do things that you don't want to do, because it's what you need to do—e.g., doing the dishes, going to work, paying your bills. You do all of these things because they're not optional, and it doesn't matter how you feel about it, it's just what you need to do. I wonder if it might help you instead to say, "I really don't want to work out and I don't want to track my food, and it's okay for me not to like doing this stuff. But I'm going to do it anyway because it's what I need to do to be healthy." And like other things, you can still get a sense of pride finishing it even if you didn't like going through it—in the same way that if feels good to look at a clean house or paying off a credit card, it can feel good when you're done working out. Hope this helps!

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1/8/13 8:36 A

Thanks Fish,
I have been doing strength videos at least 5x per week and walking, hiking, biking at least 6 times a week.

Yeah I think my job is stressing me out and I need to let things go.

I get that it's an inside job!

Last night I had a box of Hot Tamales. I have not done that in months. I feel like I got it out of my system and ready for a new start. At least at this moment. Who knows what I will feel like in an hour lol!!!

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1/8/13 8:28 A

Thanks Jenni, Yeah stepping it up may be what I need to do. I am sure I am just burnt out right now and need to change it up to make it fun again. I need to come up with a new program and not be so hard on myself. Sometimes when I join a challenge or commit to something I loose motivation and don't want to do it. I feel too much pressure and just give up. I need to relax and know that this is a lifestyle not a race. Perhaps competition is just not for me.

Zorbs, I find your post offensive and not helpful at all. I would never do that to myself. That kind of self talk does NOT work for me. I am beautiful no matter what I weigh. I do not sleep in! I am up at 4:30 every morning and work until sometimes 5 or 6 at night. I am not lazy hon! Perhaps I am taking what you are saying way to personally. I am awake far more hours than I sleep and I am a preschool teacher and chase 24 2-year-olds around a classroom all day! So the "I am lazy get off your @$$ pep talk is not for me. I have worked very hard and have come very far! I have overcome a broken ankle that put me in a rehab for over 3 months. I have lost over 30lbs and use to only be able to ride the stationary bike for 15min and now I can hike a mountain with over 1000ft elevation gain in less than a mile! So I am not lazy just burnt out!!!

(isn't if funny how we can hear 1000 positive feed backs and yet we focus on the 1 negative one?)

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1/8/13 8:19 A

30 pounds since June is pretty excellent. I know I'm not supposed to do fluff here, but I just had to say.

Maybe you've been working... too hard? What I more mean is that perhaps you're at a point where you've been "good" for a really long time, working hard, eating right, saying no to stuff, and then part of you just wants to go "right, enough of that. I'm doing whatever I want now." Perhaps in a way it's even healthy for you to lose it for a bit. It would be nice if you could "lose it" in a slightly more relaxed way, with fewer bouts of binge eating, but I feel ya. It's really really hard when all you want is the chips.

Binge eating was (well, sometimes still is), for me, always about some other negative feeling or stress. I feel quite numb when I make a date with the ice cream. Even when buying binge food I get that emotional numbness. Then when the binge is over, I feel crap for having eaten, plus physically crap because there's a whack of sugar in my system, and then whatever negative feeling or stress I *actually* should have taken a look at has been translated, if you will, into feelings about food and my body.

To be honest, I don't know how to motivate you. I get in those periods when I don't know how to motivate myself and no external force will do it. The only person who can motivate you is you. My best possible tip, what seems to work for me, is if I spend a bit of time just clearing the air with myself. That could be doing a journal entry, or having a good honest talk with friends or family, or meditating or even listening to a podcast that encourages some kind of reflection. That has been the only thing that has ever worked to turn me around. Hope some of that helps!

By the way what kinds of working out are you doing?

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1/8/13 8:11 A

If I didn't feel like waking up to workout, I'd always get myself moving with a simple phrase, "move it, fat@ss!"

I hated being fat more than my desire to sleep in.

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1/8/13 7:55 A

For me, it's change. Changing up what I'm doing. I grow bored easy and lose focus, especially when I'm close to the finish line of a project. So I need to constantly challenge myself and set new goals. I have a mantra; "When I start losing motivation, that means it's time to up the ante." It's time to push myself harder and add more challenge.

Recently, I was experiencing the blaisés. My weight loss had come to a hault, my motivation had dwindled, my exercise routine was become boring and less challenging, I was becoming laxed with measuring food and sneaking in extra helpings.

So I picked up two new exercise videos. JM's 30 day shred and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. The spark videos had become far too easy for me. I also bought heavier weights, a new digital scale, I became more diligent about measuring my food and upped my strength training routine. Another thing that's next on my list is to try some new recipes so I don't get bored of eating the same old dishes.

Now, I've been getting massive results again. Both in the overall tone of my body (I cannot believe how awesome my obliques are looking!) and the scale has been moving quite quickly again. I keep imagining how awesome it will be to buy the new wardrobe I promised myself when I reach my final goal in weight loss. Or how amazing I will feel when I can run over the massive dunes to the beach where we go camping this spring. Last spring I weighed over 160 lbs at 5'2 and could barely walk over them. This year, with all the strength and endurance I've built, lowering my resting heart rate from 90 bpm to 60 bpm, I will run over those dunes.

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1/8/13 6:44 A

I have lost it. I have lost my motivation to workout. I don't hate it I just don't want to do it anymore. I keep binge eating. I just feel blah. I have been working hard since June and have lost 30lbs but now I just want to give up.

I almost didn't post here because I know that the "you can do it", "don't give up", "you are worth it" fluff is not going to cut it. I need REAL motivation. Not fluffy empty encouragement.

What works for you when you feel this way?

Why do I feel this way?

I feel overwhelmed and stressed by all of this healthy lifestyle stuff and don't understand why. Have any of you felt this way?

How do I get back on track?

Thanks guys, in advance for your help.

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