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Lost 4lbs but measured my legs and they are bigger

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1/11/13 9:58 A


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1/11/13 9:32 A

emoticon BELLY emoticon You are doing emoticon despite what the numbers say.
emoticon on trashing those pounds, for going to college, coming back to spark, and for your hard work. It's working for you.

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1/10/13 7:51 P

I bet your explanation helped some people. emoticon

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1/10/13 4:07 P

Lean muscle is larger than the water logged muscle
Keep working and it will even out
One day at a time

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1/9/13 8:49 P

Thank you everyone for your replies! I need reassurance!

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1/9/13 8:48 P

yep I got my TOM today! so I'm guessing it's water retention! I went to the gym and continued tracking today! so woohoo :)

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1/9/13 10:23 A


What you're experiencing isn't unusual. When a person works out intensely, their muscle fibers soak up water like a sponge. This is what they are supposed to do. Your muscles will release any excess water they don't need once they've adapted to the new routine. But here's something else that can happen when your muscles retain water, they can SWELL in size.

Ever notice that pants that are normally comfortably when you put them on become very tight when TOM is near ? Bloating can cause an increase in a person's inches. So, don't assume something is wrong because your legs seem bigger. It really is nothing more than the swelling related to water retention. This does pass with time just like the symptoms related to TOM.

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1/9/13 9:46 A

I've found, when taking my measurements, that once a month is a good time frame. And I hate doing the legs-- like other people have said, unless I took a Sharpie and drew an exact line around my leg, how would I know if I got the tape in the same spot? So that measurement I just take with a grain of salt.

Your "larger" measurement could be water retention from TOM or fluid retention in your muscles-- they need extra blood flow etc to recover from exercise. I reckon in either case, it's only temporary. Women do not "bulk up" like men can and besides 2 weeks isn't enough time for anyone to bulk up.

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1/9/13 8:09 A

I'm with JENNILACEY on this one - legs (and arms) are hard for me to measure. Legs especially, even if you're up a quarter of an inch on your leg it will be bigger. Two weeks won't bulk up your legs, IMO. Maybe water weight?

When I measure I try to find a freckle or something that I use as my guide to be consistent.

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1/9/13 7:32 A

My measurement for my legs, I can never seem to get accurate. I wind up measuring in a slightly different spot and get a completely different measurement. Are you sure you're measuring in the exact same spot and standing in the exact same position?

Weight and measurements don't always correlate either.

Edited by: JENNILACEY at: 1/9/2013 (07:33)

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1/9/13 7:22 A

why are my legs bigger now? I don't get it! I've been running on the treadmill and walking, I've also been doing the recumbent bike and doing strength training. Could this be why? Could they just be bulking up before sliming down? I'm only just beginning my second week. I also have my TOM coming..

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