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1/29/13 5:33 P

Wow, this sounds scary. Let us know what happens and what the diagnosis is. I will be praying for your mom!!!!

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Hello, My name is Kady and I have been on sparkpeople for a long time although I have not posted in some time. Today I am writing to ask some of you if you know anyone or if you yourself has ever lost all the feeling in parts of your body for long periods of time.

I am asking this because my mom went into the ER about two weeks ago because she lost all the feeling in her legs and it slowly started getting worse and after three MRI's and doctors confused over a week later, no one still seems to know what is going on, She is now walking with a walker (she is 65 and has never had to walk with a walker before) and she feels more and more parts of her body slowly just going to sleep.

She is a overweight, I would not say obese. She has also had osteoporosis. She was on blood pressure medicine but they took her off in case the medication was causing this.

We are all at a loss. Its really a mystery as to why this is happening. They don't see signs of a stroke, I am sure they ruled out MS and they didn't see a pinched nerve. SHe has had problem with pinched nerves in the past though, although not like this (and so do I)

Any ideas??

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