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CLRWILLIAMS25 SparkPoints: (34,625)
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1/3/12 12:06 P posts exercises all the time. Do the boring stuff during commercials while watching tv. And get a buddy to walk and talk with! Much more fun when you have someone with you!

JASTAMPER11 SparkPoints: (57,593)
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1/3/12 10:12 A

There are some great videos here on Spark to help amp up your walk. I do agree with the library thing. Also some video stores you can rent a tape for $1 for a wk.

PARKIE Posts: 809
1/3/12 10:05 A

there's also the tried and true walking and running outside that's all free as well

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (29,808)
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1/3/12 9:31 A

Go to a thrift store they have things very cheap or check the local ads sometimes in the free section people give their exercise equipment away I guess they are tired of having it sit around as a clothes rack!!!!!! I have a pilates equipment I need to get rid of that I bought on QVC like brand knew I need the room where I have it for other things . Spent over $200.00 on it willing to give it away . I will be putting it in the free ad by spring so I am sure there are others just like me that need to make room or have grown tired of it.

KAT-TX SparkPoints: (0)
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1/3/12 8:23 A

Great ideas everyone!

Also - in some towns there are donation based yoga classes that might fit a tight budget. Or Lululemon stores if you have one near by, they tend to offer 1-2 free yoga classes in their stores a week. might also be a resource for free workout videos. I haven't used them myself, and probably some are only available via hulu plus (has a fee), but worth a look. And of course youtube. Just recently found some videos on youtube for the Tracy Anderson workouts. Haven't tried them yet though.

(Also not sure if anyone mentioned this already) but if freecycle is active in your area it could be worth a post to see if anyone has old workout equipment they were interested in given away.

Good luck and keep us posted!

1/2/12 9:16 P

My library has a great collection of fitness DVDs. They will also order a specific DVD from another library if they don't have the one I want. The other library ships it to mine so I don't have to travel to pick it up. You can get a great workout DVDs for under $15.

OFCCAT Posts: 127
1/2/12 8:59 P

Library! Do you have digital cable or anything? I know some of them have an On Demand and have exercises on there too.

BECKY7700 Posts: 233
1/2/12 8:34 P

I second the library idea! That's where I get exercise videos and books to keep variety in my routine.

I also have a friend that has a VCR and she gets cheap videos from Goodwill (about $2).

ANARIE Posts: 13,175
1/2/12 8:14 P

Well, a plain jump rope costs about a dollar, so you can definitely afford that. A regular kids' hula hoop will be under $5, and if you like it and get good at it, you can figure out a way to add weight to it. For roller blades and tennis rackets, go to yard sales, garage sales, and charity or for-profit resale shops. If your shoe size is smaller than a 7 or 8, look at boys' size 5 and 6 roller blades; they'll be at least 15% cheaper than adult sizes. And kids outgrow things so fast, you can probably find a pair that has barely been used.

Resistance tubes are another thing to look at. You can get a full set new for $10, and you can do virtually anything that you could do with weights at a gym.

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
1/2/12 8:12 P

Craig's list is great, or a second hand store. Here in AK we have places like Play It Again Sports, high quality gear at a fraction of new prices. Ask around at work or among friends too, maybe someone is looking to get rid of some equipment.

KATIEMAE10 Posts: 202
1/2/12 8:03 P

My favorite way to exercise on a budget without getting bored is to rent fitness/workout DVD's from the library. You'll get them for about a week, but you can always recheck it out, and that way you can always get new ones so you don't get bored with the old! If you find one that you really really like, that way you won't feel guilty spending the money, and you could always look on Amazon for a used copy for cheap, because a lot of people get bored with their videos, stop using them and sell them! Good luck!

SUMMERKATE17 Posts: 10
1/2/12 7:50 P

Hello all,

I would really like to lose some weight but I struggle because I find the exercises I can do for free very boring. I do like to walk and hike, but get very bored with your general pushups, jumping jacks, squats and sit ups. Unfortunately, my budget is a HUGE issue.

I do enjoy exercising in groups activities like sports and dance class. I also would really like to get a bathroom scale to see my progress.

Other things I am interested in are roller blades, tennis rackets, jump rope, hula hoop, things that I can easily use to make my exercise not seem like such a chore.

Please Please Please, do you have any suggestions of how I can find any of these things for the greatest deal you've ever seen?

I would love to hear any suggestions about losing weight with practically no extra money in the budget to focus on it.

Thank you so much!!!

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