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Losing weight but not sizes

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Posts: 703
3/8/13 9:48 P

You are not alone!!! When I first started my weight loss journey, I wore a 22 or 24. Now, 125 lbs later, I wear a 13/14. That's only 5 sizes in well over 100 lbs. And I've down the last 2 sizes just within the past 2 months.

For me, I carry most of my weight in my stomach/hips/thighs. So, maybe for someone who carries it more in their upper body, chest/arms, they probably see their pant sizes go down quicker. Don't be discouraged. Just keep going!

The best thing to do besides checking the scale, is to just do your measurements. :)

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3/8/13 1:32 P


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3/8/13 1:30 P

Thanks for all the encouragement, everyone. I guess I was just down after reading about the woman who weighed more than I do and wears a much smaller size. I am happy with my weight loss, though I have more to go. The sizes shouldn't really matter that much to me.

I *do* need to up my weight training. I'm sure that will help. I'm not real consistent with it and it probably isn't doing me any good. You've inspired me to dig out my weights and leave them where I can see them. If I can see them, I am more likely to use them, right?

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3/8/13 12:54 P

Are you strength training?

ONe of the best things you can do for your body is start a full-body strength training program. It will boost your metabolism, help you build lean muscle (which burns more calories!) and helps the fat you DO have look better!

You can't spot reduce, but strength training WILL make the difference when it comes to the your pant size!

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3/8/13 10:38 A

Yeah, isn't that weird? I've lost 23 pounds and can still sort of wear the same pair of jeans I bought at my heaviest. Now granted, they are stretch and were quite tight then and are too loose now, but I can still wear them. Where's my size 8's I ask you! :D

Funny thing is this whole goal that SP set for me, which would be a total of 40 pounds, if I do it I'll lose a whole whopping two sizes based on what size I wore when I was that weight before, back in the day. Oh well. I already look a lot different, whatever the clothes tags say. And I am wearing a sweater today that I haven't dared to even take off the hanger in ages. Don't get frustrated, it's all good!

Posts: 1,029
3/8/13 8:59 A

First, everyone else is right. Don't get discouraged, at least the weight is coming off!!! Here is something I know, I have a pair of jeans that are WAY too tight. Well, not as much now, but they totally were when I was heavier. I needed to buy a bigger size, but didn't. SO, It will be a little while before they are too big and I "go down a size". When really, if I had bought a size that fit properly in the first place, I may have already gone down.

Second, depending on the kind of exercises that you are doing, you may not be putting on or adding to your muscle. The fat loss is great, but depending on your age, you are already losing muscle, so you need to be weight training as well. I'm not talking body builder weight training, but I am talking working hard with weights. Even if you use your own body weight as a weight, and do pushups, and Yoga. Anything besides just cardio. You see, muscle weighs more than fat. That means, a pound of muscle is smaller in mass. Weight training would burn fat, but add muscle. The numbers might not come off the scale as quickly, but you would likely drop more sizes.

These are just suggestions. I wish you luck. Keep at it and you will reach your goals!

Posts: 3,382
3/8/13 8:24 A

As a pp said, no one is looking at the tag on the inside of your jeans. But I certainly hear you, about the people who lose 20 pounds and say they've gone down 4 or 5 or 6 sizes! It's hard not to compare ourselves and our own personal loss, to someone else.

My personal experience was that it took forever (ok, I'm exaggerating-- but it was a long time) to go down one size. Maybe due the fact that I really was too fat for that size anyway and should've bought some bigger pants, but I didn't want to so I squeezed myself into them and really stretched them out. Less time to go down the next one. And then the next time my clothes were too loose, I had gone done 2 sizes all at one go. And you very well may find that that happens for you, too.

And the thing is, people don't mention how tall they are (which can really make a difference), or how tight that 4 sizes smaller pair or jeans is (yeah, you managed to get them zipped honey, but let's see you try to sit down), or how much spandex those jeans have in them. Or where they carry most of their weight. The weight comes off where it wants to-- you can lose a lot from your chest and arms and face first, while your lower half is slower to take the weight off. And I've found that to some extent, sizes really differ between brands. Could be they were in some cheaper (less generous) brand previously, and now they're wearing a designer brand where the sizes are more generous. Really, you have to take some of those claims, with a grain of salt.

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Posts: 921
3/7/13 10:24 P

I know it isn't the size that matters but it sure would be nice to get into the smaller sizes since I've lost so much weight. Just me whining I guess. emoticon

I do feel better and get around better so I am getting some NSVs.

And at least I don't have to spend money on new clothes as often. (me looking for the bright side) emoticon

Posts: 229
3/7/13 8:09 P

You are not alone!

I have gained 60 pounds since quitting a very physical job 9 years ago and only went up one size (I was a 16 at 170 pounds and am now an 18 at 230). In 10th grade I weighed 140 and was a size 12. I could lose 50 pounds and still wear an 18.

I wouldn't let sizes matter; just the feeling that you are feeling better be enough. I know it can be frustrating. You see all these commercials where people lose 20 pounds and they drop 6 dress sizes and I know, realistically, in my life it isn't going to be the same.

Don't be discouraged! Sizes on clothes are just another number that we shouldn't worry about.

Posts: 2,481
3/7/13 7:56 P

It will depend on your body shape and height

SparkPoints: (75,126)
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Posts: 2,233
3/7/13 7:42 P

Hey, I know what you mean! I'm pretty short and have taken off 25 pounds. I'm only down 1 size. I know sizes vary a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer, but don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. I don't have any answers, just empathy! I weigh 155 but I've seen women on Spark who weigh 180-190 who are in smaller sizes than me.

I guess we can't use that as a measure of success. Do you feel good? Do you LOOK good? Nobody's looking at the tag in the back of our jeans, so I guess that's not the best measure of success! Good luck, and don't give up! EVER!

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Fitness Minutes: (2,831)
Posts: 921
3/7/13 6:39 P

I've lost 70 pounds but have only gone down 2.5 sizes. While I'm glad for what I have lost, I get discouraged when I read about people who have dropped several sizes when losing even less weight than I have. I read a post today from a woman who weighs nearly 15 pounds more than I do but who is a size 16; I'm still a size 3X.

We are encouraged to look for NSVs but for me, it seems that I'm better off depending on the scale to tell me how I'm doing.

Has anyone else found that the pounds go off but not the sizes so much?

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