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2/10/12 5:38 P

Vappy, it's not unusual to lose larger amounts at the beginning (esp. when you have more to lose). It's a combo. of water weight and body being startled.

Generally there's a plateau in your future. I recommend to people to NOT weigh for a month or so, but take good measurements at the beginning. Concentrating on PROCESS and learning to build a couple of good habits without the pressure of those pesky numbers can alleviate anxiety and make it easier to recognize this is about HEALTHY LIFESTYLE even more than about ###.

Good success to you.


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VAPPYCHAN14 Posts: 107
2/9/12 10:36 A

Thanks, guys.

Since I'm just starting out I kind of got reverse "sticker shock" with the numbers. I'm NOT scale-obsessed, but I was just worried that I might be doing something detrimental to my body right out of the shoot.

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2/8/12 4:25 P

I hope you feel better soon! I looked at your ticker and I can tell that you will be traveling a road I have journeyed on. I went from 261 to 166 and I wanted to share a blog I wrote with you:

Don't let the numbers on the scale alter the fact that you need to pursue a healthy lifestyle day in and day out regardless of what that number says. It doesn't define you.

Wish you all the best!

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2/8/12 1:00 P

I can easily gain or lose as much as 3-4 pounds in a day. That's how much my weight can fluctuate from day to day. Because you've been sick, you're probably a bit dehydrated. If you drink 4 glasses of water, that "weight" will come back. So, don't freak out if you seem to regain quickly.

What you're experiencing is a perfectly normal water weight fluctuation. Do keep pushing those fluids ! Feel better soon !

VAPPYCHAN14 Posts: 107
2/8/12 12:57 P

My starting weight was 244. For the first week or so I actually gained weight to 247, but since I got my period days after my Sunday weigh-in, I think it was probably just water weight. Last Sunday I was 238 (whoo!). Now, I caught a cold and so I've been sick for the past few days (this is mid-week 4 for me now)..haven't been exercising, but I've been reaching my calorie range daily.

Last night for the heck of it (since it was Tuesday, and I'd just weighed myself Sunday) I weighted myself again and it was at 234. Now, I know weight fluctuates throughout the day and I do try to weight myself in the morning (can't recall if Sunday WAS in the morning right now though)....but that's still an awful big drop....4 pounds in 2 days?! you think it can be contributed to my being sick? Am I possibly doing something wrong? I want to be thinner, sure, but more than that I just want to be healthy, so I don't want to lose too fast. Any ides about what's going on?

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