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1/8/14 10:38 P

You can't spot reduce, but you can spot tone. There are weight machines for inner and outer thighs--ask at your gym.

FIELDWORKING SparkPoints: (29,946)
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1/8/14 2:27 P

If you have access to a rowing machine, that would be an excellent full body workout. As others have said, you can't choose where you lose fat. Are you eating enough or too much (and reducing or removing junk food)?

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (220,933)
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1/8/14 1:22 P

Losing the weight will help, and strength training will tone up the muscles.

LOTUS737 Posts: 3,650
1/8/14 12:29 P

I won't repeat the great info others have shared.

Even though you can't spot reduce, you can make sure your strength routine includes your trouble areas- do an extra set of the moves that target your hips and belly, with the understanding that it'll help you build muscle in those areas and tone up.

I don't know what cardio you do, but I stick with the elliptical since I need low-impact and I like it. I do find that changing the type of machine (and of course incline levels) makes a big difference in trimming away. But then again, /my/ genetics make me lose from top and bottom working toward the middle. So now my legs and upper body are skinnier, which (to me) makes my belly stick out even more! So stick with the cardio & strength and we'll eventually get there :P

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1/8/14 8:41 A

It is difficult to spot reduce....just like doing sit-ups won't give one a flat stomach like so many people think. However, incline walking has REALLY seemed to help me with my hips.

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1/7/14 8:51 P

You can't choose where fat burns off the body. The only way to reduce fat is by eating less calories than your calorie expenditure. Genetics determines where it burns first and where it stores fat.

Exercises that work those areas are to increase strength or mass (if you're eating to gain weight) of the muscle. The muscle is an entirely separate tissue than the fat that covers it. To get rid of the fat on top you have to reduce your overall body fat percentage. Unfortunately, problem areas are what they are... nearly impossible to get rid of. Everyone has undesirable areas where their bodies like to store fat.

Your best bet is to do full body weight/resistance training and eat well. Don't try to reach and unhealthy weight to get rid of these areas and absolutely no starvation diets. You'll reduce LBM (lean body mass) and those areas will remain. You'll want to look into increasing LBM and decreasing BF%.

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JESSIKAY91 Posts: 1
1/7/14 7:25 P

My biggest challenge has always been and continues to be losing the inner fat in-between my thighs and the big hips. Has anyone actually lost this area? Have any good workout tips? Oh and that pooch on my tummy that's my only trouble spot that keeps me from wearing a bikini? emoticon

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