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JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
3/12/13 10:08 P

If it makes you feel any better, I'm the complete opposite. My shoulders, neck, and chest have shrunk but I can't get rid of my thighs and hips. It'll come off in time.

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3/12/13 6:40 P

Where we lose is primarily genetic; not based on the exercises we do. If it were possible to spot-reduce, I've have a six pack instead of a keg! I do a lot of core work in the group classes I do.

So in spite of specific exercise recommendations you may receive, only overall fat loss will determine where you lose.

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3/12/13 5:15 P

Hi Rita,

Sadly we can't selectively choose the area where we would like to shrink the fat--AKA Spot Reduction. Continue following a healthy diet, participating in both cardio and strength training activity, over time you will see your top shrink right along with your bottom.

Take Care!

Coach Nancy

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3/12/13 4:50 P

Push ups,arm exercises. If you don't have hand weights use cans of soup.

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3/12/13 4:20 P

Try some other forms of cardio like the elliptical, stationary bike, and rowing machine. Are you doing any weight lifting? Also, where do you tend to lose weight first? For example, I lose weight in my face first; it's the last place I tend to gain weight.

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3/12/13 4:10 P

i need help. i have been walking on my treadmill as that is all i have currently but i find that i am losing weight at the lower part of my body. i am very heavy on top with shoulders and stomach...

need help/suggestions on how to start losing up top.

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