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7/18/11 9:48 P

I can't tell you how much the "just 10 minutes" has worked for me for every goal that I set (exercise related or not!) It may seem like it's no help, but for me it makes me feel like I have accomplished something. That initial high makes me feel empowered to keep going the next day. Two of my goals right now are "10 minutes of walking outside" and "10 minutes of writing". When I was trying to drink more water I would first tell myself "drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, before coffee". That was it! Then I went to "drink 4 glasses of water" and so on.

Little steps, breaking down goals into such little things, really seems to work. And yes, I have still fallen off the wagon. The good news is that with such little goals it's super easy to climb back on.

Good luck! You can do it! emoticon

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7/18/11 4:09 P

As far as finding a spark buddy there are two options that might help:

1. Go to the Community tab and search spark teams that might share interests that you have. For example, I am a team leader for The Twilight Challenge team which is based off the book series. There are teams for all kinds of hobbies, emotional eaters, areas that you live etc. When you find one that interests you, get active!

2. Also on the community tab you can search for a buddy in your area if you want, by zip code, town, etc. Not all sparkers check this option when they sign up, but you can find the ones that do. I'm also a co-leader on the SparkDallas team and meet up with other team members to do local 5ks.

In your area, check to see if there are any walking clubs. Do you have any friends that are aware of your desire to get healthy that would support you by walking or working out with you? Do you have a bike? Some bike shops put together biking groups based on time. They might be able to connect you with some people who you could ride with.

HELZIE Posts: 509
7/18/11 3:04 P

I agree with everyone else. The stuff that happened yesterday happened. Ok. Today, you've got the chance to get right back to it! You know what works, so just go for it and you'll be there in no time!

7/18/11 10:41 A

I do a couple of things when I get off track:

1- forgive yourself - don't be disappointed that you got off track in the first place. life happens and plans go out the window when something unexpected comes up or boredom sets in. we miss our old ways because they were habit for a long time. we feel more comfortable with the familiar.

2- go back to basics - what worked for you in the beginning? what was your motivation? how did you battle bad days? try to mimic what you were doing when you were losing weight successfully. but LEARN what got you off track at the same time. maybe you restricted yourself too fast or stopped bad habits without rewarding yourself properly or by replacing them with new good habits. do a full recon of the situation.

3- keep it interesting - I get bored of the same food. the ONLY secret to what I've been able to do is to learn new fun recipes to make. i try new recipes as often as possible and keep those recipes in a box for when I don't have time to explore new ideas. i also learned to make bigger batches so i don't spend my life in the kitchen. same thing with exercise. Shake things up a bit even when you have a routine. Example: My bf and I go bowling on saturdays. Instead of getting one lane, we got two and did league style. We get a few minutes extra of practice rolls, and having a lane per person makes things go faster. We basically race bowled and finished our games in half the time.... so we stayed and played even more. Something that simple will keep us going back when things get boring.

3- keep up with posting on message boards - when giving other people advice, it shames you into following it yourself. Example: If I give someone advice on resisting a binge, how can I go and do it myself? I'd feel ashamed that I'm not even taking my own advice. It also is a way to brainstorm and keeps me on track.

hope that helped. emoticon

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7/18/11 10:39 A

I think what really has helped me keep going is that when I started this journey I remember saying to myself - make no promises (goals) to myself that I don't want to do for the rest of my life. I couldn't imagine being even 50 and exercising 7 days a week. Or not having pizza every once in awhile. So I made the goal of exercising 3-4 times a week. I can count on 2 hands how many weeks I've exercised 5 days :) I even ran a half marathon this year with only running 4 days a week. I have pizza every couple of weeks (balanced with lower foods throughtout the day). I think it has helped making these kinds of goals for myself because I don't feel like a failure when I miss a day and say "well I already screwed up", "why can't I stick with anything?"

Remember, too, that weightloss is mostly about the food we eat - so even if you don't have the urge to exercise, eating well can help us move in the direction we want to go!

Last thing I can think of - a few weeks ago I was bummed about something in my life - thinking "I'm 40 years old, this shouldn't bother me". My mini ah-ha was "Britt, do something about it, you don't want to be 41 and still not happy with this aspect of your life". It's kind of like that with weight loss - so many of us hang on to what we haven't done in the past (even as recent as this morning) instead of looking to see how we can change it in the future. I mean this in a nice way but you don't want to be writing the same post in the panic section a month from now. I think you'd much rather over on the Celebration board talking about how well you're doing!

If I can lose over 60 pounds (and counting) anyone can! You can do it!

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7/18/11 10:32 A

Hang in there, COYOTESPEAKS !!

You did NOT derail any of your efforts at good health or weight loss because you took a day off to recuperate. Rest/recovery days should be a part of a person's healthy lifestyle. You're being much too hard on yourself. As the old cliche goes,"don't throw the baby out with the dirty bath water".

So, you had a couple of bad days, does that mean you should chuck all your hard work ? Of course not !! You've got to accept that there are going to be days when you're not perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy. Do you know that if the only healthy thing you do for yourself today is to drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction.

Good health is NOT an all or nothing proposition. You take the good with the bad. Because that's how life works.

So, no more beatings ! You start with small changes. You take baby steps, literally and figuratively. Slow and easy really does win this race.


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7/18/11 10:29 A


I believe that it isn't how many times we fall that keeps us from our goal, but how many times we fall down never having the courage to get back up. Remember you do not have to live a PERFECT life to have a healthy life. Every time I fall, I tell myself every minute brings me the opportunity to change directions. Just because I had a not so great breakfast doesn't mean I have blown it for the day.

Hang in can do this!


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7/18/11 10:23 A

I was on a fantastic roll, working out daily and eating right. Somewhere along the line I ended up taking a day off to recuperate... and immediately lost all the momentum that I gained. I'm having trouble getting back into it, and have, yes, had a few bad binges. I want to succeed, but I can't seem to get restarted and stick with it. Is anyone willing to Sparkbuddy me or to give me some words of advice? I think we all go through this at one point or another, I just now (after a few weeks) have decided to come out and ask for help with it!

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