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BRITOMART Posts: 8,062
12/16/12 4:11 P

Exercise is super-important for health, BUT weight loss only depends about 20% on exercise. The saying is, you can't out-exercise poor food choices. So the foot/leg thing is very important, but not a legitimate reason for avoiding good, healthy eating. You can lose weight if you don't move at all, well, that's probably an exaggeration, but not as much as we'd like.

Another often takes 2-3 weeks for a period of either good or bad food choices to show up on the scale, and till I figured that out, I was always going crazy, because I'd have forgotten the week-long orgy of chocolate cookies long before they 'showed up,' and likewise, would have forgotten the 'good' week, so I'd be shocked when I lost #s after eating chocolate get the drift?

That's why tracking--and keeping the record---is crucial to losing weight. Our bodies are much more complex, much more subtle than any ad, or biggest loser will tell you. That's why good habits, and good listening to yourself are key elements to health.

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,617
12/16/12 11:51 A

the same thing happens to me after about 3-4 weeks. You start to wonder, is this really worth it? Maybe I could just stay the way I am and get used to it instead of working this hard for a change... At least your clothes are looser! That's awesome! Not wanting to go up a size is a guarantee motivator for me.

I'm sorry about your foot. I'm having hip problems after running on a treadmill for 4 months, my dr. said to stop and do cycling or yoga, so I'm giving that a try. Hopefully you can find some ways to exercise that don't hurt your foot more. Have you tried weights? I've had a lot of success loosing fat from weight training. It boosts your metabolism!

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12/16/12 10:54 A

I also like the honeymoon/marriage analogy. I lost steam last week after being fairly good. Most of the week I was bad, but yesterday, I was horrible. I realized I didn't log my food all week. Back at it today. I too am just exhausted. I'm sure the holidays have much to do with it. It seems like one more thing on my "to do" list and no time to fit it in. I finally started my Christmas shopping last night. My tree is only half decorated., My house is a mess and I have nothing healthy to eat in my house. Sorry for the whining. Simply venting and hoping I get it out of my system. emoticon

ROSEBOMB Posts: 345
12/16/12 10:07 A

If this is about marriage, I'm probably screwed! LOL. I haven't weighed myself yet, I've vowed to only do that once a month. My clothes feel looser. I know what I'm doing is working, but I just feel tired. I'm also having some pain in my foot and ankle whenever I try to go walking and that really sucks because I've already had one foot surgery and two knee surgeries on that particular leg/foot. It's hard to imagine that there might STILL be something wrong down there and that's probably largely where my willpower is suffering - like "what else can be wrong with my right leg and foot???"

KEEPGOINGEMILY SparkPoints: (20,609)
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12/15/12 11:53 A

This is exactly what happens to me! I kind of just get bored I think, it's not so new and exciting to be making the good choices anymore. I really like the analogy of "honeymoon vs. marriage" that another poster made.

How can we keep this interesting? Of course building the habit is important, which you are probably well on your way toward doing, if you've been consistent for 3 weeks. Have you started any streaks? I just restarted last week, and started a streak of drinking the water each day. Over the summer I did really good with experimenting with my water intake. I shot for drinking a gallon, just to see if I could.

So, my point is, I can relate, and maybe it's time to try something new, even if it's just a tweak on what you're already doing. Try some new recipes? I got a kick out of taking one of my former "guilty pleasures" and coming up with a healthier version to enjoy. Look up a bootcamp challenge? Those can be really motivating to keep up with! Let me know what works to liven things up and ease that burnout! I'm still on my "honeymoon," worried about settling into the marriage!

SNOWJESTER SparkPoints: (29,896)
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12/15/12 11:52 A

Britomart is right. I think it takes something like 30 days to make something a habit. So right now when you are loosing the excitement is when you're going to have to make yourself continue. Look at your ticker and your goal weight and remind yourself what you're doing this for. What's your inspiration? A trip? Or maybe a new wardrobe when you reach your goal weight? (Those are mine) Give yourself a tangible reward when you reach a new goal so you have something to look forward to. Just don't quit.

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12/15/12 11:29 A

I agree with Britomom. You can't go based on emotions. It's got to be based on habits and consitency. I'm not sure if you are plateauing or not losing weight fast enough, but that is usually the cause of my losing steam. Eating well for a week and the scale hasn't moved. wtf? But I just keep pushing and usually the next week I see a change. You need to remember why you are counting calories, it's really for the long term goal. good luck! How are you liking the fitbit? I really want to buy one. I love gadgets. Also maybe you just need a day off to relax.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,062
12/15/12 10:10 A

We tend to work like pendulums--high enthusiasm, alternating with none. That's why depending on emotional energy for losing weight, or being healthy is not usually long-term effective.

Work for habit, because we do what we habitually do, more or less automatically. For most of us, our bad habits got us where we are now. We need to build good ones--habits that don't depend AS MUCH--we're never wholly free--of emotional ties.

Coach Nancy gave a good example once: if you don't brush your teeth one night, you don't give up and "fail" and never brush your teeth again. The next day, you resume your habit. Same applies toward "just do it" mode.

The honey-moon phase goes away quickly. Now you work on the marriage...

ROSEBOMB Posts: 345
12/15/12 10:01 A

I've been diligently tracking my calories for 3 weeks now (with help of the new Fitbit I got). I was really excited at first and full of energy for my new adventure. I've had some really great days where I really did good, some really bad days where I did horribly, and some in between days. I've been keeping a weekly log of how I feel, giving myself congrats when due and figuring out what went wrong and how to change it when things go badly. But now I just feel really worn out (not physically, though ....). I just kinda feel like I don't care anymore and I don't want to feel this way. I'm not sure what's going on with me and why I'm losing the "steam" I had before. Has anyone else experience this mental burnout? What did you do to get back into the right frame of mind?

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