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1/28/12 3:14 P

I too used to overeat sweets at the end of the workday but before dinner, esp. if I had to work late. However, two years ago I resolved to eat sweets only on the weekends. I've got that down most of the time. When I was first learning the habit, I would always have something really good planned as part of my dinner (still do), something like a special bread or fresh biscuit with butter or cheese-- not a lot, just enough. I found that thinking about that food coming up and how much I was going to enjoy my meal if I didn't ruin my appetite helped a lot. It's surprising now how few days a month (or even longer) it is even a hint of a problem now. It was just a habit to break, and certainly not a reflection of my whole life, as I often let myself think it was. That gave it too much power! emoticon

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Hello Mishkowski,

Looks like you have already succeeded in changing your lifestyle in many positive ways. You have also identified this vulnerable time and have taken steps by bringing healthy foods for that. I feel you on the craving for sweets..and what I do is promise myself I can have that sweet IF I have a fruit (or some healthy snack) First. The healthy choice usually curbs the craving for the sweet.

Congratulations on all your progress!

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1/28/12 9:24 A

I keep losing motivation when I have to stay late at work. I bring healthy food just in case but when I am tired and frustrated candy and sweets look so good. I need help!

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