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LAYA2008 SparkPoints: (5,225)
Fitness Minutes: (4,789)
Posts: 22
9/7/14 3:52 A

I am using Leslie Sansone walking DVD's for the past one month. Any success stories pls.

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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Posts: 2,072
7/10/14 8:41 A

Maybe your body is comfortable where it is weight wise and all that is needed is to tone up. My stepdaughter has been working at eating healthier and exercising for the past four months and has not lost a pound, but boy when you see her you can just see how fit and toned she looks.

KASTRA Posts: 369
7/9/14 5:02 P

Echoing VWMommy's thought:

"No one else will ever know what my scale says but everyone else will be able to SEE the inches lost."

Unless you wear a plaque around your neck with your weight listed, those lost inches are a far more noticeable measurement than a number that only you see when stepping on the gadget in your bathroom. The measuring tape is the one that ultimately gets you into a smaller clothing size and shows off toned muscles. The scale can say anything it wants so long as the measuring tape keeps decreasing.

RUBYREDSTAR19 Posts: 6,440
7/9/14 11:39 A

scales are so up down. I could care less that I weight 130lbs with a 5'3 frame. I'm not thin by anymeans. However, in high school when I weighed the same thing I looked fat. Now I'm fit and people tell me I have an incredible body! So by losing the inches I've grown more confident and care more about the inches than the weight

CORRY000 Posts: 32
7/7/14 11:16 A

Losing inches is a great thing. Don't stress about the scale as much. It's not the best way to measure your progress. Only if you lose neither inches not weight should you re-evaluate your weightloss approach. To me it seems like you are on the right track.

KENTUCKYMEL14 SparkPoints: (40,797)
Fitness Minutes: (7,007)
Posts: 292
7/6/14 11:35 P

Laya, when did you begin the workout DVD's? Your body can retain water from a new workout routine for up to 6-8 weeks. This would cause the scale to not budge (or, in my case, go up) despite the effort otherwise. Another thing to note is that you want to be extra sure you're checking your measurements in the same spot every time otherwise the measurement could be incorrect. I know it gets really frustrating when you're doing all the "right stuff" and not seeing any results. I've been there, done that more times than I would like to count. One thing I can promise is if you keep pushing and continue with healthy habits and exercise, the scale and your measurements will go down. Your body will reach a point where it has no choice but to react to all the healthy changes you're making. I have faith you can do this!

BERGERON13 SparkPoints: (237)
Fitness Minutes: (336)
Posts: 7
7/6/14 12:01 P

I have gained 2 pounds in the last week but I have lost 35 inches overall! Yea me!!!
I was disappointed when I stepped on the scale but I know I am making the right chan emoticon ges!

LAYA2008 SparkPoints: (5,225)
Fitness Minutes: (4,789)
Posts: 22
5/5/14 2:20 A

Thanks for your kind and motivated response. sometimes I am not losing inches even if I do everything right. Every month I am taking measurements. Pls reply.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,438
5/4/14 6:26 A

When you start/increase a workout program, it is pretty common for your muscles to retain water. This increase in your lean mass can lead to little change in the scale, even as you are burning fat.

However, as muscle and water are denser than fat, then typically this will show up as inches lost, even if the scale is being unco-operative. If you are losing inches, you ARE losing fat.

The tape is often a much more reliable means of tracking your progres than the scale.


LAYA2008 SparkPoints: (5,225)
Fitness Minutes: (4,789)
Posts: 22
5/4/14 4:40 A

thank you very much for yr motivation. My doubt is not losing a single pound at this weight but gaining muscle, is it possible?

MTN_KITTEN SparkPoints: (139,572)
Fitness Minutes: (44,095)
Posts: 6,111
5/3/14 1:10 P

We are making progress and can see it in many different ways. The scale is only one. Remember no one knows what you weigh but you. But they can see how you look.

Muscle weighs more while you look smaller.

LAYA2008 SparkPoints: (5,225)
Fitness Minutes: (4,789)
Posts: 22
5/3/14 11:18 A


I am not seeing any change in the scale since I started doing circuit training dvd's. I am doing
Jillian's dvds. My inches are dropping but my scale doesn't. I am getting irritated b'cos I am weighing 205 pounds. Pls help.

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VWMOMMY SparkPoints: (9,888)
Fitness Minutes: (5,930)
Posts: 296
2/18/14 7:14 P

The measuring tape is a much more accurate representation of my progress. I figure no one else will ever know what my scale says but everyone else will be able to SEE the inches lost. For the most part we all know how we ended up here-eating too much and not moving enough. The trick to getting rid of that weight is to do the opposite-eat conscientiously and move more. There is no way to eat well and move the appropriate amount without the scale EVENTUALLY showing progress as well. I don't know about you but I put this weight on over a long time and I assume it will take a long time to get it all back off.

YLORSE SparkPoints: (304)
Fitness Minutes: (90)
Posts: 71
2/18/14 6:07 P

I have been at the same weight for 2 years now. I have lost two dress sizes so I don't mind a bit! I don't know why the scale isn't moving but as long as there is some sort of positive change I am a happy camper.

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (78,500)
Fitness Minutes: (75,979)
Posts: 2,170
2/18/14 3:43 P

Losing inches is better than losing weight. As others have already noted, it means you have been losing fat, yet your lean body mass has increased, and as a result you see no change in the scale (you could have seen even a slight increase in the scale!).

However, if you stay at a caloric deficiency long enough, eventually you will see your weight dropping too, because losing only inches but not weight is not sustainable over the long run.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,438
2/18/14 2:29 A

When you exercise regularly, you will increase your lean mass (this is a good thing, as it helps your body to perform better). So this can lead to little change in the scale, even as you are burning fat.

However, muscle is considerably denser than fat (check
for a great photo of this.

So if you are losing inches, you ARE losing fat. Keep up the great work!

How to stay motivated? Measure your progress with the tape, rather than the scale.

And while a tape measure is perhaps more precise, surely having clothes fit better is a pretty good motivator in itself? emoticon

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,289)
Fitness Minutes: (15,545)
Posts: 9,713
2/17/14 11:19 A

If you're losing inches, your body is making positive changes. Remember that fluid shifts are one of the primary causes of weight fluctuations, but that doesn't mean your body isn't changing. I know, we're a society that demands instant gratification, but it takes time.

The scale is actually the single worst measurement we have of our progress. The scale is just the measure of gravity on our body at any given moment, and can shift as much as 10 lbs in a single 24 hour period! (I've seen as much as 9, personally.)

MIAMEOWS SparkPoints: (5,524)
Fitness Minutes: (11,553)
Posts: 187
2/17/14 10:40 A

It is so frustrating! I have started taking my measurements on the 1st of every month. So even if I only lose 5 pounds in a month, I can still see that I've lost inches. It's hard to not get frustrated by what the scale says, but it is not the only measurement.

Good Luck!

SMITHHUS Posts: 89
2/17/14 10:30 A

Hi I can get frustrated when I get on that dawn scale. I believe I have loss inches but my scale gives me a difference message. Can some one explain how to stay motivated when the scale does not drop but you feel the inches off from the clothes that you try on. Help me???

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