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3/31/13 6:15 P

I read the most helpful article I've ever come across regarding "the scale", entitled "Why the scale can lie. It's been a while since I read it and I'm sorry I can't recall - try googling it. The article convinced me not to rely so much on the scale, as there MANY physiological reasons the scale doesn't adequately reflect our efforts even when we know we did everything right. I am a slow loser of weight, inches come off a lot easier. I got so tired of being so discouraged by what the scale said. At the most, I weigh every two weeks and if its not good news, I try to shrug it off, and if shows a loss I am good. Even a 1 lb. loss is an achievement for me because I know it represents a much greater loss in inches. I like having a scale, but I no longer live or die by it and I feel liberated.

MILLIFRED Posts: 672
3/25/13 12:39 P

I've noticed the same thing; I can't wait to go shopping for a smaller size that will show off how I look now. Thanks for that comment and good work. I don't know that I could go that long with out looking at the scale but good for you.

EWL978 Posts: 2,021
3/25/13 12:21 P

Other than being some years older than you, I had the same problem for a long time....even needed new slacks as mine looked terrible the way they were just "hanging"... Now I don't even weight myself at home at all...I wait till I have my 3 month visit with my doctor and we both enjoy it!! So far, I've lost 26 pounds!! Got at least 75 more to go!

Keep on keeping of these days your scale is going to just say "what happened to you?"

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3/25/13 10:12 A

emoticon Happy Spring! emoticon

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3/27/12 11:43 A

Very frustrated that I am not losing the pounds that I should be. I am unable to really exercise due to my health at this time. Can anybody suggest what else I can be doing. I am 54 years old and it seems as if I have hit a plato....

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