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2/20/13 10:22 A

Like Coach Nancy says, sometimes weight loss can be due to water loss. It's pretty common I think to lose a few pounds of water weight when initially starting a new diet & exercise program. (At least for me!)

As long as the number on the scale keeps going down, I'd think that you would eventually lose that fat in those problem areas. The thing is that each individual loses fat differently -- some people lose from certain areas more so than others, depending on your body shape. For example, if you're a pear shape, you will tend to hold more weight in your lower body.

To tone up, I would focus on full-body strength training 2-3 times a week. Fat loss comes from reducing calories (eating less). HIIT sessions (20-30 min.) 2-3 times a week can also boost fat-burning by increasing levels of HGH & increasing metabolism.

Also remember that as you get closer to your ideal body weight, it gets harder. Your progress may be slower but just be consistent and you'll eventually see results!

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2/19/13 3:32 P

My husband and I are both losing weight.
From January 6 until now:
He's down 15 lbs and 2 inches
I'm down 14.2 lbs and 10.5 inches

It all depends on your body and how you're working out.

One thing that I've been doing that he hasn't is circuit training (specifically Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred). I've found circuits to be highly effective for me when it comes to inches.

My hubby's sad he hasn't lost more inches. I'm sad I haven't lost more weight. But either way we are both having success and getting into great shape.

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2/19/13 3:06 P

Lovemouse, I do all my strength training at home with either no equipment (just body weight) or with resistance bands. I use the book You Are Your Own Gym to get ideas for body-weight exercises, and I love it.

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2/19/13 9:02 A

Absolutely! You don't need a bit of equipment for strength training. Or, if you can afford it, head to walmart and pick up a $15 set of resistance bands for very versatile training.

If you use the SP workout generator (you'll find it under the fitness menu under articles and videos) you can generate a full-body, no-equipment workout for beginners that'll do what you need. :)

There's even one especially for runners!

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2/19/13 6:24 A

In response to dragonchilde:

Most of my exercise comes from running or jog/walk intervals. I go one mile a day and then on the weekends usually 2-3 miles and I also try to do the 2/3 miles a couple times a week if I have time. I guess my problem is I don't do any strength training. Is it possible to do strength training somehow without any equipment? I wouldn't mind doing it but I don't have any equipment. That's why I usually stick with running. Shoes are all I need.

Anybody can give me some advice about ways to do strength training? I honestly don't know very much about it.

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2/19/13 3:02 A

Hmm, I have the opposite problem. My body looks like it dropped 20 lbs but I've not lost more than 2 lbs! I have an athletic figure (not dainty) and I do lots of exercise that includes strength training.

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2/19/13 2:05 A

I've had bouts of that happen (actually, at one point, my measurements went up @_@ ). Best advice (if you're staying in your calorie range and steadily losing numbers on the scale) is to simply wait it out... the inches can't cling on forever with acutal fat loss ^_~.

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2/19/13 12:02 A

It would help us a great deal to know what you've been doing so far to lose weight. Are you strength training? While it's an unfortunate fact that you can't spot reduce (doing leg exercises won't shrink your thighs) doing full body strength training can help you preserve lean muscle mass and achieve those inches lost. If you are not strength training,then a large portion of your weight loss can come from muscle mass, and result in what is fondly known as "skinny fat" - where you have a low weight, but a high body fat percentage.

Anyway, if you'll share the details of your program, we can help fine tune and troubleshoot to see what's going on.

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2/18/13 10:05 P


Losing weight and shrinking fat are not the same thing. Weight loss can come from a loss of fluid or the shrinking of fat cells or a combination of the two. Fat loss takes much longer to achieve than weight loss. I can lose 3 pounds easily by going out for a run on a hot day and not re-hydrating, but fat loss takes a calorie deficit of 3500 calories to lose 1 pound. But if you are exercising it isn't unusual for your muscles to hold onto a little more water to help aid in recovery and in energy production. The closer you are to a healthy weight the longer it seems to take. As for where you tend to store your fat, genetics plays one of the biggest parts in where we do. Remember healthy living is a lifestyle we should all strive for.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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2/18/13 9:54 P

Is it weird to lose weight but not inches? While it's satisfying to see the number go down on the scale, I'd also like to see it reflected in the mirror....I carry most of this weight in my thighs and have been running so I am aware that I may be building muscle, but at what point should I actually notice a physical difference?

And by the way, as you can see, I am not obese, I'm just trying to tone up - I'm going from 120 to 110 - yes I promise this is a healthy weight for me, I've been there before, but started to gain fat in my thighs and tummy after not exercising for four years after college....Anyway, I know where all my "fat pouches" are, if you will, and they are not disappearing even though the number may have gone down a bit on the scale. A bit discouraging :(

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