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Losing 10 pounds by my birthday! I can do it!

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7/28/12 10:00 P

" You can do it if you really want"

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Posts: 86
7/26/12 4:44 P

You've made awesome progress so far, you can do it!

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Posts: 170
7/26/12 3:57 P

You've made amazing progress! I'm sure you can meet your goals! Good luck. emoticon

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7/26/12 11:29 A

emoticon You can do it.

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7/26/12 11:11 A

Here's my short term goal: to lose 10 pounds by september 10th. It will be my 26th anniversary, and I would be so happy to celebrate by weighing 190 pounds.

As of this morning, I'm at 200.6 lb. Hello Onederland, you are so close!
I have 46 days to lose 10 pounds. It's a lot, I know. But I know also that if I give it my all, track and do my cardio everyday plus my ST 3x a week like I should, I can achieve this.
6 weeks to lose 10 pounds. It means losing 1.66 pounds a week. I can do that!

But I need to be serious. I need to commit. I need to plan it, make it my number 1 priority.

I've lost 42 pounds so far. If I keep that rythm of 1.6 pounds a week, I can lose another 25 pounds between my birthday and Christmas, bringing me to a total of 77 pounds lost, wich means Bye Bye Obesity!

When you look at the whole picture (OMG I want to lose 100 pounds) it seems so huge. But when you take it pounds by pounds, week by week and you set up short terms goals, it sounds more doable (yeah I can lose a little over 1 pounds per week!)

My first goal here was to lose 50 pounds in one year, then take another year to lose the remaining 50 pounds. Well, if I keep my pace, I will lose 80 pounds in my first year! How amazing is that!

Also, my goal as change a little. I wanted to get down to 140 lb. But I've been considering 130-125 lb more and more as an acceptable and reachable goal.

But for now, I'm focusing on my birthday. 6 weeks, 46 days, 10 pounds. That's what I'm gonna do!

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