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9/18/11 11:11 A

Yay! to HATEPUTER39 !


Past the halfway mark for the month - and I think a lot of people are eying their goals nervously now, I know I am! Will be in doubt up to the very end if I make it or not, I think. emoticon

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9/17/11 4:09 P

one more down

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9/17/11 2:21 P

To Tinasdunwel,

Indeed there are big differences in what people want /need to loose. And as I saw your tracker, you are doing a great job.
As I said, I try to take my time for it. And I'm really happy the way it is going at the moment.
It all seemed to be due to a change from three to four meals a day (total calory intake equal).

I hope you can get off the plateau soon, may be a change of routine might work for you as well!

Good luck

TINASDUNWELL SparkPoints: (13,421)
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9/16/11 5:40 P

To Newgoal,

I think any loss is great, especially as you're nearing your goal weight. I just threw out the 'ten pounds' number because I've seen other ten-pound challenges here on SP in the past and they helped me.

Some of us have a lot further to go than you. emoticon


Personally, I seem to be stuck on a bit of a plateau at the moment, but I know that's a normal part of it, since everyone seems to have them.

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9/13/11 8:28 A

Hi Everyone,

How are you going with this challenge?
I'm down 1 pound since the start. Not on track to meet the challenge, but in line with all my other settings on SP.
So i'm happy with the progress.

TINASDUNWELL SparkPoints: (13,421)
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9/11/11 10:20 P

grats! nice job emoticon

SPARKLESUE17 Posts: 14
9/9/11 10:12 A


SW 9/1 211.4
1ST WEEK 9/9 208.4 DOWN 3# SO FAR
GW 9/30 199.ANYTHING

TINASDUNWELL SparkPoints: (13,421)
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9/4/11 12:42 P

Kicking up the physical activity this month. So curious to see the effect. emoticon

NEWGOAL2012 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/4/11 8:36 A

This would be the perfect kick-off.

SW 190 1 sep 2011
CW 188 4 sep 2011
EW 180 30 sep 2011

SPINTO2012 Posts: 79
9/4/11 8:11 A

SW: 247
CW: 244.6
GW: 237

Getting there already!

SPINTO2012 Posts: 79
9/3/11 3:47 A

I'm in, with my flashy new gym membership I can easily rip off 10 pounds this month!

SW: 247
GW: 237

Have a great day everyone!

CUKENUKE Posts: 22
9/2/11 7:40 P

I've let my busy schedule and personal problems jeopardize my goals for my health. This is just what I need to hit the ground running. One pound, ten pounds, or fifteen pounds, I'm going to give it my all!

BEHEALTHY2 Posts: 1,080
9/1/11 3:35 P

just started back on sp and this is just the challenge i need.

Starting weight sep/1st-190
Goal weight sept/30th -180

4NEWTSMOM SparkPoints: (1,809)
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9/1/11 2:59 P

I am TOTALLY into this challenge. I am just starting out my journey here. I just joined yesterday, and I think having this challenge as a goal will be perfect!

Starting weight Sept 1st - 170
Goal weight Sept 30 - 160

SPARKLESUE17 Posts: 14
9/1/11 2:52 P

I am so glad to see this Challenge - I need some help to stay mindful. I have a family gathering the last weekend of September and I would love to be under two hundred pounds for that event - I can count on one hand the - actually two fingers - the times I have been under 200 pounds since I was 15 years old.

Good Going to all who join.

CW- 211.4
SW -211.4
GW -199.*

AMANDAS79 Posts: 131
9/1/11 10:38 A

yes I would love to start this challenge today


I am committed to drinking my water and eating healthy and tracking my food :) I can do this!

TINASDUNWELL SparkPoints: (13,421)
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9/1/11 7:57 A

Hey everyone.

Let's get motivated and take our healthy summer eating habits with us into fall. September brings changes for a lot of people, and with that comes stress, and new excuses to go off our diets.

Be strong!

Sign up here if you want to take the September Challenge and lose ten pounds (or whatever is appropriate at your point on the weight loss journey) this month.

Starting weight - September 1: 323.2
Goal weight - September 30: 313.2

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