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11/7/13 11:13 P

You have been given some good information here and as others have said, you are not eating enough, which is working against your efforts. You do need to eat at least 1200 calories, otherwise your body does go into perceived starvation mode and will store more fat and cause you to lose muscle. If your body doesn't get the necessary nutrition and energy, you are going to run out of fuel real quick and cause even further issues, so you need to make time to get the proper nutrition in every day. Here's an Ask the Expert page that addresses this as well:

With that said, I would also recommend taking measurements, not just go by the scale. Your weight fluctuates daily, and can be up to 5 pounds, so it isn't a static number and can be frustrating even if you are doing things right. But taking measurements too will help you see the progress you are making and won't fluctuate like the scale.

Coach Denise

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11/7/13 12:25 P


While a safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds per week for someone who is obese, the closer a person gets to a healthy weight for their height, the harder and longer it takes to lose those pounds.

You may want to lose 15-20 pounds, but your body may not. You can't put your body on a schedule. It will lose weight on ITS calendar, not yours.

And as others have noted, eating 600 calories per day combined with exercise is NOT healthy. You're starving your body of the calories it needs to function properly. I know this is going to sound strange, but if you want to lose weight you have to eat. Starving doesn't work. What starving does is cause your body to CONSERVE fat, not release fat.

When is the last time you had a physical ? If you've been eating 600 or so calories for a while, you probably have some nutrient deficiencies. experts have determined that 1200 calories is the minimum an adult woman should eat each day to ensure her body receives all the vital nutrients and minerals it needs to function. If your body is lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, that will also keep you from losing weight.

I understand that you really want to lose weight by the end of December, BUT if you do it your way, you're going to like sickly. If you want to have the glow of good health, you have to take better care of your body and that means increasing the amount of food you eat. It also means you may have to reconcile yourself to the fact that your body will not lose that much in that time period without consequences.

It's one thing to take the weight off, what happens when you have to keep it off ? What happens is that you regain all the weight plus extra. This is why members are encouraging you to SLOW DOWN. Let your body lose weight in a slow and healthy manner. because something I've learned from my own years of yo yo dieting is this,"the faster a person takes off the weight. The faster it packs back on."

Treat your body with respect and kindness.

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11/7/13 11:26 A

I feel for you, I am also a petite (5"), very small bone. I used to be 125 lbs and the thing that worked for me is to lower or cut salt out of my diet, also watch for salt that is added to canned foods, etc. I also cut out all sugar from my diet, and I watched for sugar that's added to processed food. And NO FRIED FOOD whatsoever. Then I ate 6 meals a day with lots of vegies, lean protein and 2 tbsps of flax oil, either added to my vegies (never cook that oil) or to my chicken breast. 10-12 cups of water per day. Also of course cardio 1 hour per day, with one day per week rest. For the first 2 weeks I did not add strength training since I was trying to clean out my system.

I agree with the other commenters that if you go too low on the calories, your metabolism somehow shut down. I did lose a lot of water weight right at first (8-10 lbs, can you believe it? ) but then my loss stalled until I started to add a couple of sweet potatoes per day.

I don't know if this will work for you, but the three principles that really worked for me was to cut out Salt, Sugar, Fried Foods and eat small balanced meals. There are some vegies like celery, spinach, bell peppers, kale, cucumbers that you can eat without counting the calories, so you do not starve yourself when you are hungry. You must also have your 2 tablespoons of good fat per day, I have always used Barleans Flax oil, add it after the food is cooked, and divide the amount througout the day.

Good luck! I know how it is to be petite and chubby. Everyone thinks you are so tiny and don't need to lose weight but when you can't fit in a size 12 pants (my waist was 35" at the height of my 125 lbs), I knew something had to be done.

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11/7/13 10:47 A

Think about your stress level too-sometimes on my diet efforts I become overly obsessed with weighing in and what am I not doing right to lose weight-and right then the weight stops coming off.I can never lose weight when I'm stressed

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11/7/13 7:48 A

500-600 cals is essentially starving yourself and will hasten metabolic adaption, particularly for someone who workouts regularly. You need to eat more. What's the point in strength training when on that little calories you're destroying lean muscle regardless?

I don't buy not having time to eat. My husband works 12 hours a day and still manages to eat the 3000+ cals required to maintain his weight.

As Sparkpeople warns; "eating too little can hinder your weight loss efforts".

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11/7/13 5:28 A

You have to eat to lose. 1200 is the bare minimum for sedentary women, you should be eating more than 1200.

And with only 20 pounds to lose, it is pretty much impossible to lose that much in less than 2 months.

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11/7/13 3:32 A

Track your food every day. If you are truly only eating 500-600 calories (not the wisest way to go about it in my opinion) you should have lost a great deal of weight. And start working with weights. While the exercises you're doing can strengthen the muscles in those areas they don't burn many calories.
Perhaps you could try measurements instead of weighing yourself all the time. It's really not about a number on the scale it is more about how you feel and how your clothes fit.
If your face has gotten smaller you have undoubtedly slimmed down some.
Try to stop focusing on the number. Just stay on the healthy path and the change will come.
I would suggest you bump up the calories a bit because you will never be able to maintain that calorie level and remain healthy.

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11/6/13 10:56 P

I'm 5'2" petite+curvy female and was 125. Now I'm 140. I've been running a mile and doing various exercises like 2+ minute planks,60+ crunches/sit ups, 25+ side leg lifts, reverse crunches, squats...etc, eating smaller portions (small salad plates), drinking 2-3 mugs of green tea, drinking lots of water, and such...I incorporate more veggies than fruits in my diet. Exercising I lose an average of 350-400 a day. And consume about 500-600 cals a day (I barely have time to eat).

I noticed my face has gotten smaller a bit, but what else can I do to lose 1-2 lbs a week.

I honestly am scared to look at the scale and not see any difference within the numbers. I wanna be able to exercise and feel the difference and weigh myself after 1 1/2 months or so.

I'm getting engaged in Dec, and atleast lose 10-15 lbs on average. I'm just really stressed and feel upset when I look at pictures from literally 6-7 months ago and see how fitter (and I didnt even exercise on a "daily" then!)

I also wanna know, what type of exercises can I do to trim down without any equipment?


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