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Hello all.
I'm a dad of a 4.5 year old girl. She was born when I was 40. That puts me on the older dad track as she grows up. This concerns me but not as much as being a fat dad. You know, the guy who "sits this one out" the guy who's too tired or too embarrassed to participate. I'm not obese but I'm not comfortable in my clothes and often searching my closet for a jacket or vest to cover my belly. As if no one can see it. haha.
So this Spring I'm on the right track. I'm committed to 175 lbs by late August.
There's no easy way to weight loss. Consistency of both diet and exercise is required. However, I struggle with being consistent. I did find something that helps fortify my commitment and have already lost five pounds.
If you are also committed to losing a significant amount of weight this Summer, we can do this together. Check out my plan:
Let's be fit for our kids.

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