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1/2/13 2:08 P

emoticon Thank you for your response...and you are right walking is as natural an exercise any human can get....have a blessed day

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1/2/13 1:42 P

Welcome Christine. I don't know a lot about heart rates and pulses, but I think that walking is the best exercise there is. What could be more natural and expected of the human species? If you can walk at all, I suggest taking it slowly. Enjoy it. Don't try to do too much, but do a little everyday.

Also, start tracking your food. You will soon know what to avoid. Make sure you get the calories, protein and carbs you need. Try not to go over.

Good luck!


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1/2/13 1:23 P

Hi my name is Christine...I am new to sparkpeople but not new to having to loose weight. I have had that struggle most of my life. Now for health reasons I have to start a life style change again. So I have decided to start with little goals. Call them life sytle adjustments with life long edit modes. I am 52 years of age and in 2012 had a multitude of health issues brought to light. Ranging from quitting smoking (1 year today)and throat surgery to finding out I had a heart defect from birth I never knew about. So with all that on my plate I did what I usually do in times of distress...I ATE LIKE I WAS NEVER GONNA EAT AGAIN...and I'm having to deal with a 46+ pound weight gain which complicates the heart issue. Exercise is difficult because of having to keep my heart rate under 130....pulse 60. So any suggestions for exercise, snacks and meals would be greatly appreciated. Wishing you a great weight loss year...may you all be happy and healthy.

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