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1/3/13 5:57 P

We just came off the holidays, and depending on where you live, it might be the middle of winter. Yuck. It's hard for me to enjoy eating light when the weather is cold and dark. We all slip up from time to time, and I have experienced less motivation in the last few months. But I know what I need to do, and I'm gradually getting back into the groove. Summer is coming -- eventually. Think how you'd like to look when shorts weather comes around.

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1/3/13 5:49 P

I can relate as well - I fell off the wagon several months ago - allowed sugar back into my diet along with wheat and other foods that are not good for me. By coincidence I happened on a presentation on a PBS station one evening by J.J. Virgin, a nutritionist. She has developed a plan she calls the Virgin Diet. I watched the entire program and then I ordered her book from Amazon. I highly recommend it! Her plan is basically 3 phases - the 1st 21 days you totally eliminate 7 foods which she considers highly inflammatory - sugar and artificial sweeteners, soy, gluten (wheat, etc.), dairy, peanuts, corn, and eggs. At the end of the 21 days, you test 4 of those 7 foods by adding one in for a week to see how you react. If you have a bad reaction, you take that food back out for a while longer and then test it again later. If you have no reaction or a mild reaction then you add that back in but are to eat only once every 4 days. I've been following this for 11 days and I feel amazing - back pain that has been nagging me since October is gone, brain fog - gone, bad moods - gone, energy - UP, and I've lost 5 pounds! I'm anxious to see how I feel at the end of the 21 days and how much more weight I will lose.

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1/3/13 5:37 P

This definitely happens to me. I think I'm only more motivated now because I just took a year off kind of maintaining the 80 pounds I had lost, and am now ready to tackle the second half of my excess weight.
Usually it takes me gaining a little extra weight for me to realize that I'm slipping (In November, I was at 268 pounds-which is TOO close to 300 for me) and I had to remind myself that the only way it's going to get better is if I made the change right then and there. Now, when I feel like giving up, I tell myself that the longer I stay down, the heavier my burden will be when I decide to pick myself back up (literally!)
Another thing that helps a lot is to get rid of the all or nothing mentality. There is no 'on' or 'off'. It's about a lifestyle. If I screw up food wise, I'll still exercise. If I don't exercise, I still try to eat healthy. It's about setting attainable goals and meeting them gradually.

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1/3/13 5:10 P

Just keep going forward trying to be healthier. Every day is a new day to start eating healthier and in the process maybe lose a pound or two over time.

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1/3/13 4:07 P

thanks to SP I'm encouraged!

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1/3/13 3:59 P

Definitely my tune too! I had been slacking off for a couple weeks and put a few pounds back on. Not as many as I thought I had... but still. I'm getting back on here to help regain some inspiration. My motivation comes in waves, I'll be great for 2 months or so and then slowly begin to fade. If I can keep my diet in check I allow myself a little time off from the gym or if I am all for working out then I let myself enjoy a treat or two (like splitting a desert with a friend or enjoying a small starbucks drink). Once I have a week or so off then I tell myself, no more excuses it's time to go 100% again and I pick up where I left off. It's taken me longer to lose weight that way, but it keeps me sane and from not stressing about it too much.

Changing up your exercise routines or trying something new is usually what helps me find the fun in the process again. :) You can do it!!

1/3/13 3:34 P

You're playing my tune, right there. I've had a few weeks' off myself. Coming back around now- hence all the posting!

I'd think most of us have an ebb and flow. Hang in there, don't get too lost, and you'll come back around. :)

As for your question about 'getting back on'.... you know the answer to that one... one step at a time. emoticon

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1/3/13 2:49 P

Does anyone feel like occassionally they loose momentum? Gain a bit?
Ive slacked off on tracking my food and moving/excercising.

How does everyone get back on when theyve only half fallen off?

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