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2/23/14 3:31 P

I can see I have both, still some extra fat but also the skin is starting to sag as I lose weight. I am over 55 and so I doubt there will be much I can do about the sagging skin. I would rather lose the fat and be healthy, the days of bikinis are over for me! But, I am still doing plenty of strength and weight training to do whatever I can to firm up. Aging is tough and there is not much you can do to stop its ravages, but working towards being fit and healthy can only help.
I wish I had lost the weight earlier and stayed fit and trim. Wish I had used sunscreen as well, wrinkles and age spots are not fun either!

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2/21/14 11:31 A

I'm down to 96 pounds, wearing size 2 petite, love how I look in clothes...but the loose skin has not improved in 2 years. I lift weights, do calisthenics and other exercises daily. NOTHING HELPS! Still HATE how I look in a bathing suit! No more muffin top, no belly fat. But UGLY upper arms and thighs. I can't afford surgery and it seems skin tautness does not come sad! I ONLY wear mid to long sleeves and no pants shorter than capris. But, thank God, I can wear leggings, short tops, and belts!

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2/21/14 9:09 A

Fat will still have some volume to it whereas excess skin, when you squeeze it will feel like two layers of skin (like the skin between your thumb and forefinger). Either way, strength training may be helpful to reduce both!

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2/20/14 11:33 P

How can you tell if your "extra baggage" is loose skin or fat? I still have about 15-20 lbs to lose but am wondering what is going on with my arms and lower abdomen. I've lost quite a bit of weight so I am aware I may have to deal with loose skin but I am hoping this is actually extra poundage that I can eventually burn off.

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