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Following up on what Coach Nancy said, try to "make a muscle" in the area to avoid getting muscle in there -- if you flex, it will be harder to pinch muscle. The younger you are, the more likely you are to have more fat on the back of your hand so keep that in mind - I'm 31 and I have a good fat layer there. Personally I use the skin covering my knuckle - when fingers are straight, if I kind of play with the skin of my knuckle I get a good idea how thick skin is. Your eyelid is another good indicator as I mentioned on the other thread.

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If by pinching the skin, it is relatively thin, than it is more loose skin than fat. A place most people can use to figure out what is skin and what is fat...pinch the skin on the top of your hand...that is primarily skin with little fat. If you pinch elsewhere on your body and it is thicker in nature that it may be fat, but make sure you are not adding muscle to your second pinch.

Coach Nancy

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this was touched on in another thread, but not as in-depth as I was hoping.

How do you tell the difference between loose skin and fat?

I have lost a little over 100 pounds now (20-25 more to go) and can't really tell the difference between the two.

Any help is much appreciated

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