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2/18/13 9:46 A

I am very limited to what we put in. Tomatoes and peppers. Last year had a window bow garden we 3 types of lettuce and that did very well. DH likes regular head lettuce so it was good to go out and pick some other greens to add to salads.

In the past couple of years I have been trying to establish a large perennial garden, but I keep losing the plants either from animals or insects. Last year was bad, I didn't take care of it at all and it was overgrown with a weed that overtook the area.
All of those veggies must certainly keep you in good supply. Do you sell any?

Happy planting

2/17/13 9:52 P

Yes, we grow year round. We just took out the sugar snap peas and broccoli, fennel, and carrots. Oh, and beets. Something keeps eating the spinach. We are putting in tomatoes, several types of hot and sweet peppers, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers and lots of herbs like basil, borage, lavender, cutting celery, lemongrass. I am trying some radicchio this year. Later we will put in some okra and cantaloupe. the day sure goes by fast when you are working in the garden. I have to work on my pickled okra this year. My okra last year was too strong (sour).

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2/17/13 4:49 P

Some bulbs can go in when the frost is gone. Who knows when that will be this year, we are still with a good 18-20 inches on the ground. We personally don't put anything in until May. We usually do not start any seedlings, but rather go to a local greenhouse and purchase plants to put in.

gardening is also great exercise without even trying. Do you grow anything else besides your tomatoes?

2/17/13 1:30 P

Gardening is one of our passions I live in Austin Texas and we are getting our tomato seedlings out into the garden today. when do you get to start your garden way up there??

VICKIA9 Posts: 1
2/17/13 11:53 A

HI Cheryl, I learned about SparkPeople last year sometime but haven't really been motivated until now. I am 53 also, live in the US and have 3 children, my youngest still lives at home, she is in college. I work for a nonprofit during the day and spend my free time crafting and am also taking a photography class. I don't know what the 17 day diet is but I think I will go look for it right now :)

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2/8/13 2:13 P

Hi I am Cheryl from New Zealand, I have been on Spark since the end of August and I was doing a search on the 17 Day diet which I started the week before. It has been the only diet that has worked for me and it made so much sense. I am 53 years old; a mother of three and a grandchild.
We have horses and my middle child thge only daughter is still at home at 24 and rides horses (Hence the horses) in eventing competitions(dressage,show jumping and cross country riding all on one day).
I am also a crafter. I am an art teacher by day and a painter, illustrator whenever I can.
I am doing a photography course as well. I am on the 17 DD group (Which is a fabulous lifestyle) and Kiwi (New Zealand) group.

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2/8/13 1:34 P

Thank you Patty. Where are you on Long Island. We are also sailors out of Noank CT and do a lot of sailing on the Sound.

Were you affected at all by Super Storm Sandy?

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2/8/13 12:49 P

Hi SUROSE62, I just read your message. Sure, you can check in with me if you want to chat about stuff that you find interesting! I'm married, live on Long Island, and enjoy the computer, so anytime, ok?

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2/8/13 10:17 A

Good morning, Second week using Spark people and I like it very much. I am looking to hook-up with some 'sparkers' who would not only be motivating in weight loss, recipes and exercise BUT who may also like to "chat" about family, sewing, crafts, cooking and life in general.

I am 62, live in Connecticut with my hubby, both of us are retired. Spend time volunteering for a Middle School where I previously worked. I like gardening, sewing, crafts and miss my two sons and daughter in law who live in Vermont.

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