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1/6/13 2:46 P

I have found that eatting a breakfast everyday has really helped me. Also I never thought eatting "all" my calories would help but what a huge difference. Way less cravings and feeling hungry all the time.

Good luck with your journey.

1/5/13 9:23 P

Keep track each wk and keep pushing yourself... you can do it!!!

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1/4/13 11:43 P

What works for me is getting points on the Sparks Page. Weight loss is more than what we eat.

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1/4/13 10:01 A

i just joined and love it. i have lost 2 pounds and am very excited. i know this will help me with my weight loss. i just need to stay focused and have joined an exercise class plus we walk a mile every other day. just hope i can keep it up. i find keeping a log of everything i eat is the best way to keep track of my daily foods and water intake. good luck to everyone!!

BUTTERFLY503 Posts: 20
1/3/13 11:16 P

Thanks that is what I am doing I figured if I wrote it then It happened and I will know what I did so I think that is best. Yes I do account for everything I eat or drink . It does bring it in perspective when you look at it.Plus I have to show it to my dr so he will know that I am trying. Been doing good on the food now I have to start working out. Will be logging all that too.

1/3/13 9:14 P

Hi Butterfly.. Tracking your exercise and food each and every bite and etc. will really give you a good idea of what works for you. You can look back at weeks where you did better or maybe did not lose, and, when I do this, often the answers are there for me and I can adjust what I am eating/drinking and my fitness. Hope this helps.

BUTTERFLY503 Posts: 20
1/1/13 10:43 P

I have been thinking about alot lately and I have been wanting to find out the ways I can disect my previous attemps to loose weight and keep it off I always fail . How can I go about this and see what Works and dont. I need to do this and keep it off now. Got any ideas I sure need them..

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