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KEITHA39 SparkPoints: (28,261)
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5/11/12 12:47 A

Maybe, an indoor recumbent cycle?

ANARIE Posts: 13,047
5/11/12 12:42 A

Talk to your doctor again. Many hospitals have pools for physical therapy, so you might be able to go there for free if s/he sends you. Also, most YMCA's have a greatly reduced membership price for people with low income or with medical needs. In fact, it's worth asking at every place you know of that has a pool. A lot of them might give a discount if you have a doctor's letter. Also check with someone at your insurance company. They will sometimes pay for a gym membership if you go a specific number of times per month.

LIZBETH99 Posts: 320
5/10/12 8:14 P

I think the pool would be your best bet. But I like leslie sansone walk away the pounds videos. You can always modify it.

62MOON SparkPoints: (0)
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5/10/12 5:52 P

Thank you everyone.

I wish I had access to a pool because that would be the ulitmate, especially since I love to swim. That isn't an option without incurring an expense.

Yes I have, claudication and diffuse vascular disease. My cardiologist made some repairs this past year and was under the impression that I was doing better. So he gave me Pletal to help with my legs. That is going to take some time to work.

I walked today and as usual, 12 mins then stop and sit for 20. Maybe I will check with my insurance co to see if they will cover some cardio instruction and/or therapy of some kind.

Thank you everyone for the good ideas.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (96,856)
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5/10/12 9:07 A

Cycling and elliptical are zero impact. Water aerobics might also be a good option for you.

SARAHD33 SparkPoints: (39,158)
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5/10/12 8:15 A

Have you talked to your doctor about exercise ideas? If you have a condition called claudication (sounds like you might), you might be eligible for a supervised exercise program with a physical therapist or cardiovascular rehab program. That could give you the confidence to know what is and is not safe for you to do.

SPACEBOT1 SparkPoints: (31,320)
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5/10/12 6:35 A

Cycling. I have arthritis in my feet and can't do any weight bearing exercise, so cycling is the best calorie burning alternative, although swimming or water aerobics will also help to keep your legs moving without putting any strain on them.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
5/10/12 6:08 A

Have you tried water jogging/walking? I find that to be really low impact.

INFINITEJESS84 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/9/12 11:50 P

Maybe punches? Do an upper body body Shadowboxing routine that incorporates jabs, crosses, uppercuts and hooks. That should get a pretty good sweat going.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
5/9/12 11:02 P

swimming or water aerobics should help with that.

62MOON SparkPoints: (0)
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5/9/12 9:42 P

I have a little problem with my calves not getting enough oxygen due to circulation that creates leg pain after short walks, walking slowly. I walk 12 mins .51 mile a day and I have to stop for 3 mins before I can go up the stairs. I am not burning enough calories as a result.

I am on new meds that will take some time work. In the meantime, I could use help on what cardio I can do that will have as little impact to my legs as possible.

Any ideas? emoticon

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