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SWEETNESS_77 Posts: 16
3/13/13 10:05 P

Hope everyone is doing well! Is anyone on Facebook?

DARLENEW58 Posts: 3,653
3/12/13 10:54 P

I'm in!!!

SWEETNESS_77 Posts: 16
3/12/13 10:54 P

Feel free to friend me on here as well

SWEETNESS_77 Posts: 16
3/12/13 10:53 P

Awesome! I think it would only benefit us having people to rely on when things are getting tough or we feel like quitting.

CUTENSWEETJLU1 SparkPoints: (278)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
3/12/13 9:54 A

I'm brand new to SparkPeople, but was wondering if I could join in on this, too? I think it would really help with motivation and encouragement. :)

YANKEEGAL16 Posts: 1,480
3/12/13 9:51 A

Count me in - I can use some support & encourgement from others going thru the same things I am.

TENTHUMBS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,715)
Posts: 569
3/12/13 9:39 A

i would love to join your journey.

TWININGS12 SparkPoints: (17,330)
Fitness Minutes: (6,835)
Posts: 610
3/12/13 6:40 A

I will be your spark friend and we can make the journey together - one step at a time!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

SWEETNESS_77 Posts: 16
3/12/13 6:29 A

Looking for other spark members on the same journey as me to be there as support to check in on each other and help each other stay in track. Anyone interested in becoming friends so we can help each other achieve our goals?

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