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Looking for low-impact exercise dvd ideas

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Posts: 141
12/1/11 4:20 P

Thanks for the recommendations!

Posts: 879
12/1/11 8:56 A

Leslie Sansone Walking DVDS, I found one on sale for10 dollars this week at Kmart

Posts: 2,498
12/1/11 8:41 A

I like Jackie Warner TimeXaver workout. It's 30 minutes and only requires hand weights. There is a little running in place during the warm up otherwise it's all combo moves of squats/lunges and shoulder work. I consider myself intermediate fitness level and this kicks my tail!

Posts: 13
12/1/11 8:36 A

I like the Firms Yoga series. I have them on VHS still. Old school, but a great work out.

Posts: 237
11/29/11 7:54 P

Denise Austin- Fat Blasting Yoga. Soooo good, it has cardio and strength, and you feel the burn!

Posts: 141
11/29/11 6:27 P

Thanks! I ordered the PowerFit Harmony set to start. I love working out with bands. Hopefully I'll get more recommendations!

Posts: 213
11/29/11 2:44 P

Stephanie Huckabee makes 3 DVD Sets that would be what you are looking for. All of the sets include cardio, strength, core, mat work and a combo of all the above. All of the workout sare around 20 minutes and can be combined to do 40-60 minutes by just adding another workout or 2. They take up very little space and 2 of the 3 sets comes with resistance bands, although they are light and will be out grown qucikly, it's still includes everything needed to get started.

PowerFit Plus
PowerFit Harmony

"10off" is a coupon code for 10% off of the total price and orders over $19 ship free within the USA with low international rates. This site is owned by a woman named Mary and she should be having a sale on DVDs this weekend and most likely, these 3 will appear on that sale list; they have for the past 3 sales. You can get a better price and still use the coupons.

Posts: 141
11/29/11 12:51 P

Hi all,

I work on container ships, so it's often not safe to do exercise videos that involve jumping, spinning, etc... due to rolling and other motion. Any suggestions for exercise videos that keep your feet closer to the ground, and maybe have some mat work? I have tried a lot of the walk away the pounds with Leslie Sanson. Those are nice and safe, though I'm pretty bored with it now, and need a higher intensity workout.


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