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3/3/14 8:25 A

Those competition abs are the result of a HUGE focus on diet, LOTS of time in the gym, and probably some supplementation too.

Don't worry about bulking up....unless you're a one in a million genetic outlier, it ain't gonna happen. Just know that it's going to be a slow, very gradual process....and that your genetics will play a role too.

I would recommend the "New Rules of Lifting" series by Lou Schuler. I started with the New Rules of Lifting for Women and then moved on to the For Life book. I'm currently working my way through the For Abs routines, and I have to admit they're kicking my b**t. Each of the books contains routines already spelled out for you, with pictures and descriptions of all the moves. Those books have totally changed the way I look at the weight room!

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3/3/14 8:11 A

First and foremost, drop the concerns about getting bulky. Unless you train like a body builder and take supplements and potentially drugs, that's not going to happen to you. Most women aren't capable of that. For that matter, neither are most men. ;)

Don't be afraid to lift heavy. If you want to have a "six pack", that's about body fat percentage. To be honest, most women can't pull off the low-enough body fat percentage to make their abs show. Don't compare yourself to other people.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
3/2/14 10:18 P

I do know that abs are made in the kitchen by what you eat. You have to watch your carb intake and not eat too many. I would read articles on as they can really help you in this. They also have good workouts for building muscles. Good luck as I do know it can be done. I am working on the same thing.

FLAB2FAB929 Posts: 9
3/2/14 2:59 P

I've been looking around to try and get into strength training more. I came across an acquaintance who is going to do the 2014 NPC bikini competition and she used to be heavier. She's now got some awesome Abs and I want those too. I eat healthy but not what it takes to get a good 6 pack. I also really want to work on my glutes. I need help in the meal plan... like all that macro talk and would like to be pointed in the direction of help and I'm thinking some of you might know what forums out there can help me out. While I do NOT want to actually compete nor would my husband like me to get super bulky, I would like to get some really nice muscles and lose more body fat. Please help...

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