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Looking for good shoes for running/jogging

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1/12/13 11:50 P

If you look around these Fitness threads further, you will find this topic addressed previously.
I have been jogging for 40 years. I started out in Keds, before Nike, New Balance, Adidas, and many others existed.

After I had knee surgery ten years ago, I went to the physical therapist for recovery. I asked her to tell me what shoes I needed to keep jogging. Since I run about 15 miles a week, it was worth paying for her to evaluate my feet and stance. I learned that I need the most supportive shoe out there for jogging, unfortunately the most expensive. Since I require a wide toe box, I can only wear New Balance shoes.

The PT taught me not to purchase the last year's styles on sale, since the rubber, and thus the support, has begun to deteriorate while it was sitting on the shelf! That is why I don't buy running shoes on sale anymore. They last longer and I get more for my money when I get the ones newest to the store.

If you are going to walk, it matters less which shoe you get as long as it is supportive, comfortable and it fits. If you are going to jog many miles, you need a more supportive and very good shoe. It is the most important piece of equipment.

Before I needed the wide, and most supportive shoes, I had great results with Sauccony (sp?), Adidas, Nike, and many more brands.

Consider splurging for the PT to evaluate and guide your shoe buying, especially if you will be going 20 + miles per week. It is an expensive appointment, but it has probably saved my knees and feet.

Try them on with your walking/running socks, and get ones that fit well, especially in the toe box and arch. Good luck!

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1/10/13 2:04 P

personally, i like saucony's they wear well. second best is reebok. nike's dont last and are a waste of money

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1/8/13 6:30 P

I would also agree with going to your local running store, they help you find a shoe that is right for your feet and running style. I have bought countless shoes because someone else told me they were great only to find they killed my feet! But the running store will run $100-$120 but it will be worth it

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1/8/13 6:10 P

I also agree that going to your local running specialty store to get fitted, but the price of the shoe does not determine the quality of the shoe. And this is a good time to get shoes as the spring models are coming out and many running stores are clearing their inventories of the fall models.

If you have ankle instability issues, I would highly recommend Jay Dicharry's book Anatomy for Runners. He gives you some great exercises to work on that will not only stabilize the ankles but also gives some of the best ancillary exercises to make you a more efficient runner.

Coach Nancy

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1/8/13 6:00 P

I would also recommend finding a local running store. They will watch you walk/run and then recommend shoes for you based on your foot type. My local running store is really good. I will usually go there once a year to get fitted and then buy additional shoes online throughout the year at a cheaper cost.

While you will probably be able to find a good pair for your price point, be prepared to spend a little more. When I first started running I was spending around $100 for shoes. Once I got serious about it (running 3-4 marathons a year and ultramarathons) the cost of my shoes seemed to jump to the $130-$140 range.

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1/8/13 5:57 P

Thank you for the site suggestion!

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1/8/13 5:51 P

We can recommend you brands all day, and tell you what works for us, but unfortunately, there are as many different answers as there are feet!

What is best to run in depends on the kind of feet you have, how you walk, and how you run. The best possible choice is to be properly fitted at a specialty running store. For example, I love my Mizuno Waves, but I have flat feet and need special arch support to compensate for that, or I get terrific shin splints. For someone without flat feet, that particular shoe might not help at all!

A good running store can analyze that gait, and recommend a shoe based on your needs. Runner's World often has guides as well.

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1/8/13 5:36 P

Hi. My name is Nichole and I'm new to the whole running/jogging thing. I am looking for a good pair of shoes to jog/run in... I'm primarily using a treadmill (will move outdoors once it warms up) and I tend to walk/jog on the outer edges of my feet... I tend to roll my ankles while walking, especially on uneven surfaces. Does anyone have any shoe suggestions for me? I'm trying to keep it under $80. TIA!

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