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1/24/12 8:37 P

This looks to be an old post, but did you find someone? What gym are you going to?

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5/29/11 9:25 P

Thanks, Jibbie!!! I have done just that and am hopeful to find a long term exercise buddy. You look like you have had tremendous success! Congrats!

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5/29/11 8:36 P

Find people near you by going to the top of the tool bar and clicking COMMUNITY, then go down to SparkPages and click and then over on the left side is SEARCH. In that area put in your zip code, etc. and the SparkPages of people near you will come up. Send them a message on their page.

Also, on the Spark Teams, look for Wisconsin Teams and check on them.

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5/29/11 4:32 P

Hi everyone! I am in search of an exercise buddy in Wildwood, Chesterfield, Ellisville, or Ballwin, MO. I used to be in great shape and have really let myself go in the past couple of years. I am 43 years old and would like a serious exercise partner to hold me accountable and vice versa. II would like to workout at the gym, go for a walk (and work up to a run), hike, and whatever else we come up with to have fun and get in shape. I can't take too much time away from my husband and kids, but it has come to the point where I need to give myself time too. I feel like this is a long shot, posting on Spark people, but I am worth taking the shot. Here it goes!

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