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3/6/13 5:02 P

There are many ways you can mix up cardio in a gym setting. You can take classes and workout on the various cardio equipment.That said, there also are lots of great DVD's you can purchase from folks like Bob Harper, Jillian Michels, Tony Horton, etc. Hope this helps!

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3/6/13 3:23 P

If you enjoy running, why not train for a race? If you're just starting you could do Couch to 5k, if you've been running awhile why not a 10k or half marathon?

3/6/13 1:21 P

Cycling is my favorite and it's almost like it melts the calories! Another good class is a strength training class if your gym offers it. Strength training is very important, and it helps tremendously with weight loss! I think that's what's helping me burn the fat the fastest!

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3/6/13 12:44 P

Thank you

I do enjoy running. Unfortunately my gym does not offer many classes. However, they do have a cycling class. My goal is to jumpstart my diet, and a challenge. I've been going to the gym and doing step aerobics off and on. However, I feel setting a 12 week challenge will be more motivating. I'm not too focused on the amount of weight I want to lose (my body fluctuates so much at times).

Other exercise I enjoy are step aerobics, cycling, elliptical, and rowing. Currently I work out 3 days a week, but can increase the amount. My ultimate goal is to lose around 35 pounds (not all within the 12 weeks).

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3/6/13 12:32 P

Do you like running ? How about doing a Couch to 5K program ? That can be done on a treadmill if you don't want to run outside.

An intermediate program is kinda relative. What might be intermediate for one person may be too advanced or even easy for another.

What sorts of activities do YOU like doing ? Do you like running ? cycling ? Do you like classes ? If you feel you are active, but want to be more fit, how about trying some of the classes that are offered by your gym. Try Zumba. Try spinning. Try kickboxing. there are lots of different things you could do in 12 weeks. Some gyms even have 8 week boot camp classes. That's something you could look into as well.

Of course, there is also Coach Nicole's 28 Boot Camp DVD workout.

Here's the thing, what you do for exercise depends on YOUR goals. What goals do you hope to achieve in that 12 week period ? Once you've decided what those specific goals are, then you can look into different ways to achieve those goals.

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3/6/13 12:25 P


I am looking for a 12 week (can be more or less) cardio workout program, that can be completed within the gym. I am looking for intermediate level, and the amounts of workout days does not matter. I have tried to search for such programs, but only could find databases for bodybuilders. Any and all suggestions appreciated.

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