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12/6/12 12:24 P

I currently run 3.5 miles on Thursdays and Saturday with a friend that is not as fit as I am. I am looking for someone to run an additional night with but at a specific time so that I can make arrangements for my kids. My general issue is I don't pace myself well start off quickly tire out and give up.

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12/6/12 12:12 P

I belong to a running club where we meet on Saturday mornings. I have met some great people and have run with those people during the week.

I would suggest going to a couple of those runs and asking people if they run during the week. Chances are you'll find several people that do and will have no problem including you.

I would also suggest going to your local running store. There are several running stores in my area that offer morning and evening group runs during the week.

If you happen to live in the Chicago area you can always join me!! I run on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and on Saturday mornings!!

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12/6/12 12:07 P

Do any of the local running groups have forums? There are a lot of non official runs that most groups do... One of the free groups is more likely for this.

Also, join some online groups. It can be helpful to have a running partner for motivation but not necessary.

To run a 5K (or any distance) without walking, you just need to improve your endurance. That comes from running more. Increase frequency and/or duration of a run. What does your training look like now? Sometimes you need to slow down to do this... but I don't know what you are doing now.

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12/6/12 11:20 A

I am a single mom - so the times that I can run are limited. I'd like to find someone to run with that is better than me and can push me. I have a girlfriend that I run with on weekends - but I push her. I am trying to complete a 5k with running - no walking - but I have not been successful as of yet. I think I need someone to train with me that can push me harder. There are lots of running clubs but I can't make there times - any ideas on how to find a running partner that can help push me.

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