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1/5/12 9:29 A

Hi, My son is 11 years old. He was completely potty trained at 3 and then did the same thing. He started to regress and wet his bed and still does occasionally. Though you have a different family situation, I believe it is caused by stress. My son has a learning disability and has been bullied at school by teachers and students and this is what causes his stress. I have worked hard with the school to make things better and it has been a battle. But now that I have made my self clear that I won't stand by anymore to allow the school district to belittle my son, it has gotten better and my son is now wetting a lot less. I also take him to counseling once a week and this is a huge help. If your daughter has been through a lot because of the separation of you and her father, especially being the only child, it may be beneficial for both of you to seek counseling together. Be sure you seek out a counselor that specializes in counseling children. Ours is fantastic but do your homework first before you decide who to go to. This has helped my son so much with his anxiety and stress. We sometimes don't realize how our little ones are really feeling inside and a lot of times they don't know how to express themselves because they are to young still to know how. Hope this helps.


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1/5/12 9:20 A

Have you asked her if she is awake when she pees in the bed? If so, is she afraid to get out of her room to go to the bathroom? Maybe light the way and make a big deal about going to the store and buying her a brand new night light just for the bathroom so that she can see in the middle of the night to go back and forth.

I wouldn't worry that she is acting out against you. Both of my kids potty trained early. My boy who is six now started wetting the bed at night right about age 4, we spent a ton of money buying overnights by huggies. He grew out of it when he turned about 5, but still to this day he will have an occasional accident, if he was really tired before going to bed.

My little girl, who is four, was potty trained by 16 months. I thought that I would get off with no bed wetting from her, but no such luck. She has been wetting the bed for about a year, she is almost five and I am hoping she follows the path her bubba did and will stop soon. Both of their issue is that they sleep so hard during the night that they aren't awakened by the need to pee, what ends up happening is that she will pee and then get cold and that is what wakes her. She knows she isn't supposed to do it and that she is supposed to get up and go to the bathroom at night if she has to pee but she says she doesn't know until after it happens. With her I have not put her into overnights because she doesnt even remember being in diapers and refuses to be treated like a baby.

It could just be that your little girl is so tired when she goes to bed that the need isn't waking her up. On days where my little girl gets a good nap, which happens seldom, she won't always pee. Also, we cut off liquids also, but she is sneaky and will swipe a cup and drink water out of the bathroom, or use their bathroom cup and drink until her hearts content.

Hopefully this will help to ease your mind. I know from experience that washing bedding and night clothes daily is a hassle but hopefully there is an end in sight, and it is a completely natural occurrence and not her acting out. She is lucky to have both parents in her life as much as she does, and it sounds like you guys have an even better arrangement than most divorced couples with kids.

Good luck!

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1/4/12 2:49 P

Maybe have her help with dinner? Have her stir or do something safe.
It's hard to tell what's going on in her mind...if she's getting all sorts of attention it should'nt be the issue.
Try the Good Nights. If she complains about them, let her know that they're temporary until she learns to get up and use the potty.
Is there a light source leading to the bathroom? Maybe she's scared cuz its so dark.

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1/4/12 9:30 A

Yes she does it at the other house. Although he told me that it is now "only a few times a week"... hmmmm... so it is getting better for him and worse for me. But better for him is close to my worse, so I am really not sure.

I may have to try the good nights thing... might be cheaper than the amount of laundry detergent, water and electricity I am spending by washing sheets daily!

I make sure she pees before bed every night, which just confuses me more. No fluids after 7 PM. I really am at a loss and makes me think it's attention. But I don't know how to give her more attention without giving up things like cooking dinner and cleaning up. Just odd!!

And both Rescuers movies are underrated. Rufus and in Down Under... Frank!!

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1/4/12 1:30 A

Does she do this at the other house? It would be nice to find that out. If she's only doing it with you then it's somethng to look into.
Have you tried the good nights....hmmm well they're not diapers...but they're like one to help with bed wetting. If she's taking them off to wet the bed on purpose then it's something with wanting attention.
It could very well be the going back and forth, Im not sure, Im not a parent. I would sit down with her and buy her some special, pretty undies, that she wont want to get ruined. Have her pick them out and explain to her at home or before you go into the store that they're special and would be sad to get them messy.
Maybe buy a potty book too.

Encurage her, ask her if she needs to pee before she goes to bed. If she does go, praise her and maybe add an extra story at bed. Reward her for when she does go in the toilet and not in bed. Dont punish, that's good. Just reward when she potties before bed.
Hope this helped a bit.

Also, your sig! Rufus is so much love! Such an underestimated disney character.

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1/3/12 9:47 A

Hello to all... I am in need of advice! I have a 4-year-old who has slumped back into bed wetting. I have read everywhere not to punish her for it and to only use positive reinforcement. But it just keeps getting worse.

Background... Her father and I have been divorced for about a year. She is an only child and a bit of a spoiled brat (I don't say this to be mean, I love her... but she is an only child in two homes, and an only grandchild). The custody is close to 50/50 being every other week.

It started out as 1-2 nights a week. She would come into my room in the middle of the night with a clean pair of underware to have me help put them on. Then she would climb into bed with me and go to sleep. Then it got more frequent. So I began to make her return to her room instead of sleeping with me. So then it was crying instead of coming into my room. The deal with the crying is that I have discovered that she is actually awake when she wets herself... And I am at a loss?

I see it as a cry for attention, but I really do not know what to do. I feel like I spend quality time with her when I have her but perhaps it isn't enough? Is there anyone out ther with any advice?

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