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I would love to hear from experts on the topic of supplements. I'm just talking about vitamins or minerals, but looking to hear from weight lifters/ body builders preferable a woman.
I've currently started reading "Oxygen" magazine and find it so inspiring. I really enjoy my strength training days and have always wanted a toned body, not just a slim one. I love looking a people muscles (men and women!), it makes them look so healthy and strong...the way I want to be. I've always felt strong and can feel my nice muscles, but there has always been a layer of fat around them, I want to SEE them!!
So since reading "oxygen" magazine, i see all these ads for dietary supplements, claiming that they help your body burn fat not muscle when you are losing weight. So I would love to hear from fitness experts on their take of those supplements. Are they just diet pills? Are they unhealthy for your body? What are some good brands to try? Should I just stick to protein shakes?
Thanks so much and I look forward to the dialogue on the topic! I'm sure there are a lot of varying opinions

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