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SparkPoints: (19,222)
Fitness Minutes: (7,852)
Posts: 1,145
4/15/13 2:30 P

Hi I'm not really new to spark..but sure find it helpful ..especially the trackers..for food and exercise. I can make my menu up before I sit wosn to my meal..and know exactly what I can have and not have..I stay at the 1200 cal. point..Plus the exercise tracker is a great motivator..and I love the points you can they add up to be able to send spark goodies to individuals.
I have a question..
I'm active..did 8.6 miles on recumbent bike 40 min..But with that great news..I'm brain dead as far as techy things go..I wonder would you know what I can get to listen to music as I work out..something that has ear phones..or what ever they are called..(see I'm not up on all the new stuff)..and reasonably priced would be nice..too. How do I download the type of music that I enjoy as well? I need a pre kindergartner brain..and I just don't have it for all these gadgets.

SparkPoints: (163)
Fitness Minutes: (95)
Posts: 2
4/15/13 1:56 P

Hi, I am new to Sparkpeople myself. I am also looking for a buddy to help keep me on track.
I am just getting back into the groove of tracking and exercising. Its just myself and my husband of course he doesn't need to lose any weight. He can eat all the junk he wants and seems to stay the same. On the other hand myself I look at something and gain weight.
Does anyone have any insight on Menopause and losing weight? It was about three years ago I decided to try Weight Watchers. I was doing good for the first four to six months. In that time I lost ten pounds. I was happy and feeling great. Then after that it seemed like I couldn't lose any more weight no matter what I did. the ten pounds came back and more. This is the point I am at 160 lbs. and it is mostly in my belly. I like to walk or even ride my bike. Looking for a walking buddy.

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Posts: 69
4/15/13 10:14 A

I am in the same boat and will be in the boat a lot longer than anyone else due to some problems. Looking for buddies.

SparkPoints: (495)
Fitness Minutes: (290)
Posts: 59
3/22/13 4:21 P

wasn't able to add you as a friend?

SparkPoints: (495)
Fitness Minutes: (290)
Posts: 59
3/22/13 4:16 P

yup i'm interested.. let's do it. maybe we can get a few on board.. the more encouragement the better i say..
so add me as your friend.
today is going really well for me. did my workout this morning and walked about a mile this afternoon. food intake is good. on my 6th glass of water.
tomorrow i will have to be careful, meeting some friends for lunch at Brann's and having a drink.. only 1... most likely i'll have a chicken cesear salad with my drink.. which i'm already planning it's going to me a margarita. strawberry or blueberry pomingrant.. like i said.. only 1,.. i can't handle more that that...
any big plans for the weekend?

SparkPoints: (421)
Fitness Minutes: (146)
Posts: 3
3/21/13 11:08 P

I am looking for an accountability partner. I am new to this sight so I'm not sure as to what I'm doing yet. If you are interested please reply!

SparkPoints: (495)
Fitness Minutes: (290)
Posts: 59
3/21/13 3:28 P

Hi i'm new here, so far I'm somewhat confused but I think I've caught on to a few things..
I joined sparkpeople because I'm trying to not only loose weight, but also live a healthy life, I sterte Jan. 1 2013, exercising 5 days a week and eating healthy. I'm not doing too bad but I need a place where I have to be accountable. I'm hoping this is that place.
I would love to buddy up with someone who is in the same boat as me

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