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1/11/12 12:34 P

I would also love to find someone in my area as well. Thats a great idea. Congrats on the no Dew... my vice was Pepsi! I know how hard it was!!! But think of all that sugar that is no longer being put in ur body... I allow myself ONE glass of Pepsi when we go lil treat to help keep me on track. Good luck to all!!

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1/11/12 12:24 P

First of all, congrats on quitting Mt Dew and smoking. That is so awesome!

I think maybe you should join a Spark team for your geographical area. Post your message in the team message board. I think you'll have more luck that way because this message board is international.

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1/11/12 10:32 A

Hi all, I just started the YMCA on the 2 of January. I have been going everyday so far except for Sundays. I also stoped drinking Mt. Dew (one week so far) and smoking( one month so far). I am doing cardio on Tuesday and Thurdsay and Saturday. Strenght training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have lost 12 pounds so far but think that is mostly from not drinking Mt. Dew anymore and water weight.
I am currently going with a friend that I work with but lately she has been only going off and on. It makes it hard on me cause there is no one there to be accountable to or get incouragement from. So I am looking for a couple of people to share a journey with. I will incourage and share any new information I get on things and I hope you do with me.I am just starting out but am not totally unknowledgable. I would like to have someone from the YMCA as most have the same machines and activeties. I haven't done any of te classes yet due to they do not seem to have any at 7am. So I do the machines and the Women's Circurt room.
I need the accountablity and the incouragement am am willing to give you some too.

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