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12/7/13 12:30 A

That was my heaviest weight! 220 in 2011.
Like you I have been overweight most of life. Once I went to college though I got really into nutrition and fitness. Currently I am around 147lbs. I am about 30lbs away from my goal.

To shed some light to how I did it...I basically had little responsibilities. Once I got into college I made my grades and my body my only priority. I did not really care to hangout with friends or anything else. I was determined to change my life.

emoticon Exercise
Now that I had a car I was able to drive myself to a gym. I seriously went there almost everyday. I started out light jogging at around 5 mph, but now I can run 7 mph for close to almost 40 mins. I also slowly included lifting into my regiment. Not going to lie it takes time, but don't let that discoruge you. That fact that you can go an extra mintue or run little faster brings on such a happy feeling. Now don't let this part confuse you. As long as you try to get some activey in then that is great. You may not like it at first, but I seriously never exercised in my life. And now I love it. It may take awhile for you to like it, but trust me you will. Just don't give up. Exercise is so freakin good for you.

emoticon Diet
It is true you can't out train a bad diet. Learning about healthy foods is key. There is no perfect diet. The best diet is to eat healthy natural foods in small regulated portions. Now I still suck at dieting. I am not perfect! But I am completely different from where I was 2 years ago.
Here are some reasons why we over eat: stress, emotions, availability of food, and boredom. I overeat for all those reasons; especially stress. Figure out why you overeat and change that behavior. Learn to deal with stress differently and try to keep bad food out of your reach. As for healthy foods I'd suggest staying away from carbs and choosing foods high in protein.

Modifying your diet with more nutrient-rich foods and exercise is truly the way to achieve life lasting weight loss. I literally forced myself to go to the gym. It was almost like shock treatment; knowing that I ran for 30 minutes and that it can literally be gone in five minutes of munching makes you not what to overeat (or eat junk). Weight loss is a life style change in all areas of your life. Sometimes you will hit wall. You will become frustrated. But always know it is not over!
Please if you ever need to talk to someone about anything you are more then welcome to send a message my way.

You will and can do this! emoticon


ps: sorry for writing so much!

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12/5/13 1:40 P

Hey Kara! My name is Monique, and I would love to help you with your goals and hopefully improve myself as well. I'm a RN and work in public health and so I do a lot of education about diet/exercise/weight. Do you have a diet/exercise plan in mind? Sometimes it is helpful to set smaller goals or milestones on your way to accomplish your main goal. I struggle with motivation and consistency. I talk a good talk, but sometimes struggle with the walk. I do an 'okay' job of watching what I eat, although I do give into cravings at times. I do better about exercising when I have a partner, but I live far out in the country and work schedules get in the way of work outs lol. I would like to have a partner that would encourage me to be more physically active and that would be willing to communicate outside of SparkPeople as well. I hope to hear from you soon and Good Luck!

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12/4/13 6:01 A

My name is Kara, and weight has been a struggle all of my life. I used to think I was big at 190, but now that I'm 220 I feel huge. I am athletic, but I have a love for food that defies all diets (so far). So now, I am really trying to change my lifestyle. I really wanted to join a group and maybe get a mentor, someone who has been where I'm at who is where I want to be, to help. I'm super social, so it helps not being alone in this :) My sister will be getting married next October, and I want to look really good for the wedding. My goal is to lose 102 pounds total by November 26,but especially lose at least 80-90 by October 23, 2014.
Please let me know if you want to join me in my journey!

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