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MANDIEWOODSON SparkPoints: (0)
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2/11/11 12:37 P

Congrats to everyone getting married! I am getting married on Sept. 3, 2011 and would like to lose about 40 lbs before then - I have no problem eating right most of the time but exercise and I are not friends LOL. Just joined Sparkpeople last night and looking for some buddies to help keep me motivated - I am the queen of falling off the wagon after a month or two. emoticon

ER1KALYNN081 Posts: 20
1/25/11 12:55 P

My fiance and I got engaged in November on our 5 year anniversary date from when we starting dating. We are planning on a fall wedding in 2012 (no official date yet) hopeing for end of september beginning of october. I have some time to lose the weight but I am so eager to lose the weight so that I can start shopping for gowns in a short time . My goal is to lose between 60-70 lbs but I want to lose at least 30-40 before I go gown shopping if time allows.

MRSAFOS Posts: 1
1/24/11 3:25 A

Congratulations to everybody on their recent engagements/upcoming weddings! I'm just recently engaged (december) and have a wedding date of May 19,2012 so I have a little longer to lose the weight, but its still just as hard to stay motivated! I have about 50 lbs that i need to lose. Just started spark tonight, so im hoping it will help me reach that goal (and make new friends in the process!)


KRIZTYN SparkPoints: (0)
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1/23/11 7:59 P

Getting married this July! Looking to lose 20lbs and tone up! Would be willing to be anyones buddy! I just signed up to sparkpeople last night--so I am pretty new.

ACDONAGHY SparkPoints: (3,641)
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1/6/11 9:02 P

Congratulations everyone! I'm recently engaged and have nothing planned yet. I only have a few more pounds to lose, but I want to work on my toning, especially my abs and thighs. Does anyone have any exercises they recommend to these areas well while on a tight daily time schedule?

BABIES46143 SparkPoints: (10,781)
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12/27/10 1:02 P

I am getting married on Aug 6th and I want to be done to 140. So I have a long way to go. I bought my dress so I have 90 days to return it for a smaller size then another 90 days after that so I just want that size to be smaller. congrats everyone

LYON77 Posts: 423
12/27/10 9:32 A

Hi to everyone and congrats on your upcoming weddings! I am getting married July 6th 2011 on the beach! I have about 80 people who will be spending a week with us on the beach. I think I look pretty good in my wedding dress but its being in a bikini for a week that's making me nervous!!! I would LOVE to lose 20 pounds by May but would definitely be thrilled even to lose 10 to 15. I like to workout and generally eat well up until nightime where I start to crave any kind of desserts!!! Its definitley my down fall. I have got to suck it up and get through the cravings. Feeling good on my wedding day would be worth all of the hard work and sacrifice.

JADEFIRE74 Posts: 14
12/17/10 1:07 P

I'm getting married May 14, and would love to join this little group. I joined sparkpeople today and am looking for people with similar goals.

WVLIN321 Posts: 34
12/16/10 10:54 P

I think I usually get an email at my personal email but probably if you go to your spark page...maybe, not 100% sure.

AMOCK88 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/16/10 10:16 P

Where do you go to check your friend requests here? I am so new and have no idea where to go!

WVLIN321 Posts: 34
12/16/10 10:04 P

Congrats to all of you (us). Not only on our upcoming days but on meeting our goals! And we will meet those goals!! Just remember why and vision yourself being the bride you want to be! I want to be a beautiful gift to my new husband...It's exactly what I want for myself and that is the first step! I think I've sent buddy requests to all of your sparkpages but if I messed you please reach out to me.

Hugs to all!!
emoticon emoticon

SEWCHIC6 Posts: 15
12/16/10 9:00 P

Hey Janine- Congrats to you too and thanks!!! Love to have all you ladies as "buddy brides". I feel like many of us just need support so that's why I posted on this group!

Welcome AMOCK88! Congrats on the engagement!!!

AMOCK88 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/16/10 7:29 P

Hello everyone! I'm getting married on July 2nd, 2011 and I want to lose 40lbs! Weight loss has always been very hard for me, but this time, I'm going to do it to look my very best on the big day! Congrats to you all and I'm here to talk whenever to help motivate and keep you on track because I'll need the same! :-)

JAE98301 Posts: 77
12/16/10 4:21 P

Hey Katia,
I just wanted to say Congratulations on your engagement and also on participating in your first half marathon!!! That is amazing! I could never do that (i have some health related issue my doctor is looking into where i feel sore and achey all the time), nonetheless I admire that you are doing a half marathon! Good luck!! I'd love to be a buddy with you if you are interested!
:) Janine

SEWCHIC6 Posts: 15
12/16/10 10:29 A

Hey Ladies!!

I'm June 4th too!!! I have been trying to diet now for the past year and unfortunately I lost 15 and then stopped. I was running but I stopped this summer because of my work schedule. Although I'm running again and in my first half marathon on January 8th in Disney World! I'd love some support and love to get a group together!!!


JAE98301 Posts: 77
12/13/10 2:36 P

Hi girls. I'm getting married June 4, 2011 as well. I'm 27 but I have to lose about 30 lbs in order for me to be extremely happy on my wedding day. As of right now, my goal is 20 lbs, it seems more obtainable to break it down.

This is my second wedding and my fiance and I have a three year old together. My first husband was my high school sweetheart and we just became two different people after 7 years and we divorced after one year of marriage- but here's looking forward to a life with the father or my beautiful daughter.

Lin, I understand about your daughter...because mine is three, she's likely to steal the show anyway because everyone adores her.

I would love to be buddies with you, Juliann and Katie. I need someone to keep me on track, and I am very supportive of others, it's just hard to support myself. I hope we can help each other reach our goals...we've got less than six months to have our gowns fitted for the big day!!!

WVLIN321 Posts: 34
12/13/10 7:28 A

Hey KatieK!!

Congrats on your day!! I've found that when I was younger the weight came off much easier! I hope that will work out for you that way also!

Even though we're not in the same age group we do have the same amounts to lose for the same reason so let's keep in touch!

WVLIN321 Posts: 34
12/13/10 7:25 A

Hey Julieann!

Amazing the stuff we have in common! Besides just our big day!! And the amount of weight we want to lose before then :)

I too have known my fiancé all of my life. In fact, he was the first "boyfriend" I remember having. We were in the 3rd grade then. We grew up about 100 or so yards from each other and ran around till Junior High or early High School and then ended up going our separate ways. We reconnected almost 2 years ago and have been together ever since!

The 13 yo I'm gaining does that running around some but for the most part it's pretty good. The only part I'm having an issue with is making her realize that it is NOT her day but MINE. Like she wanted to walk to the alter with her dad...and wants to upstage my dress. I don't think it's intentional she's just spoiled. And that's her dad's fault. For the entire 8 years since his divorce that was his focus...spoiling his only child. And when I say that I mean she'll be in the other room, watching tv, feet propped up, on her (second) laptop and she will text him just to say to come in the other room. And this is when he's playing cards with the family. Its starting to stop finally....I poke him in the ribs everytime I bust him spoiling her like that. Don't get me wrong, I love her to death and I have two boys so she'll always be "spoiled" but not this way lol. Wedding dress shopping did help a little bit it's making her excited about the day and I keep reminding her that it's my day and when she gets married she can have her day any way she wants it.

We'll have to keep in touch through this process!

Take care.

KATIEK1991 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/12/10 6:18 P

Hello -

I'm not of the same age group, but the amount of weight to loss is almost the same. I need to lose about 90 lbs all together, would like to lose 50 before the big day, but would be happy to lose 20-30. I'm getting married on August 6, 2011.

Good luck, hun! Keep strong, and if you need anyone to chat with I'm here :)

-Katie K.

JULIEANN0224 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 27
12/12/10 1:04 P

Hey girl I am going to be wed on that day as well!! so you and I have our big day together. Yes I am working real hard on getting this goal. This is actually my frist week and I have already lost 2 pounds my goal is close to 40 or so pounds ...just stick to it when you put that dress on be well worth it :) I am here for ya if you need to talk. I dont know anyone on here yet haha. I am marrying a military man. I have known him all my life. He is a sgt in the army. I am soon to be adding a new daughter which is 14 yikes ! yes she keeps us busy already ...she never wants to be around because of couse she wants to go out and have fun with her friends but I can't wait what is to come later... take care and keep up the good work :)

WVLIN321 Posts: 34
12/12/10 10:21 A


I'm not new to spark people but I am new to using it the way it should be used and reading "The Spark".

I'm getting married June 4, 2011 to a wonderfully supportive man who would never care if I didn't lose an ounce which makes me crazy cause I don't know how to tell him what way to support me best (but that's a different post!).

I'm 41 (I'll be 42 on the wedding date), I have two boys (22 & 19) and will be gaining a 13 year old step daughter. I have a career that keeps me pretty busy. And have about 90lbs to loose all together. I'd love to loose 40 before the day but realistically I'd be happy with 25 or 30.

I'm looking to have accountability partners with other older brides with comparable weight to lose.

These goals are attainable! And we all can do this!!


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