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Nice to meet you!!

I like to suggest to people, pick 2-3 things to change and work on mastering them. Once it's habit...pick another one!! Next thing you know you'll be living healthy and it won't feel like that much work!!

Just remember - it's not about being's about being better than yesterday!!

If you're interested in a group of people for accountability - try my team. The link is in my signature. It's just a small group with only a quarter of those members that are active which is nice because it's not too hard to keep up but it has enough regular posters that it keeps you on track. If it's not your thing, that's fine =] No pressure. Either way feel free to message me if you need advice or support.

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I've tried everything!!
I'm good at getting up and exercising, but I'm awful at eating!!
I'm a MAJOR Stress Eater!! And I have Stress All Day Long, thus I EAT ALL DAY LONG TOO!!
I sit all day at work and seem to go from my desk to my car, to home, and feel like a Zombie.
I'm also a Boredom and Emotional Eater, and I just can't seem to get the Discipline back in my Life... I always seem to make and excuse or sabotage myself, before I even realize it!!!
Has anyone been in my position?
How did you change back to the old you?
I try, try, and try and just keep gaining weight that I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Frustrated with myself!!

Anyone willing to work with me as a coach and friend through this journey of losing 75 to 100 lbs!!

BTW, I'm the worlds BEST Sabotager and I need someone who can help me figure our why?
I also work out, and hate to admit this, but I was a fat kid, lost weight via diet pills and extreme exercise, then I hit my mid 40's and nothing worked!! I Ballooned... My old dieting ways don't work and my appetite is ENORMOUS and I can't seem to get it under Control. When I don't eat, I get headaches and feel listless, which is how I lost weight before... Now I just can't figure out how to lose again... Has anyone been where I am?

Please respond is so... and we can chat more. My email is on here.
Thanks and I look forward to meeting just one good soul who can relate...

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